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Virgil A. Kraft was right when he said, “Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.” Indeed spring is a season when you can’t help but feel alive, blithe, and fortunate to be standing on your feet even on the worst of days. Such is the effect a particular season has on me.

The weather can deeply affect a person’s mood and temper. We usually tend to be irritated on the extremely hot days of summer or the wet, humid days of monsoon. And the cold, wintry, or gloomy autumnal days mostly have us feeling sulky and low-spirited.

Spring, on the other hand, casts pleasant weather and atmosphere throughout the time it lasts. For me, spring is the happiest of all seasons. I eagerly wait to see the colorful blossoms and the lush green foliage all around the neighborhood.

I share a very homely feeling with the season of spring. I have this habit of picking up pretty flowers strewn on the sidewalks on my way home and giving them to my mother. Her smile is worth millions, and it simply melts my heart, and all my distress vanishes into thin air just like that. This is how powerful the aura of spring is.

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The city smells different during this season, and I like to call it the smell of new beginnings and fresh chances. Since nature is the best teacher, with everything undergoing growth around you, people often feel motivated to start doing resourceful things or activities they are passionate about.

There have been days when waking up and getting out of bed seemed like a difficult job, but just a stroll in the breezy spring afternoon somehow fixed my mood magically. The evenings are especially my favorite, for the weather is just perfect for a cup of coffee and one of Austen’s novels.

I feel very rejuvenated and productive during this season. I do not get tired easily, and I feel very enthusiastic to make plans with my family or friends, learning new things, and completing my daily chores on time. The monotony and fatigue from everyday hustle are simply non-existent during the spring season. You become more energetic and lively.

For me, spring is the time of year when you fall in love with yourself and everything around you. It is a reminder that after darkness comes light; that no matter how harsh summer might’ve been to you, spring will always be around the corner to lift your spirits again.

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