The Shiv Nadar University shooting incident has left everyone in shock, with many questions concerning what prompted the shooter on taking such drastic measures, the security on campus and more being raised.

The incident happened on May 18th, 2023 between third-year BA Sociology students Sneha Chaurasia from Kanpur and Anuj Singh from Uttar Pradesh itself. The two met outside the dining hall around 1 pm where he shot his classmate from whom he felt rejected by. Anuj after shooting Sneha twice ran towards his hostel where he instantly committed suicide himself.

The police in a statement said that “On Thursday afternoon, they met outside the dining hall of the university where they were seen talking and hugging. After the meeting, Singh shot the woman student with a pistol and rushed to his room in the boys’ hostel of the university where he shot himself dead.”

CCTV Footage

CCTV footage from the Dining Hall 2, outside of where Anuj and Sneha met seems to have been leaked online showing exactly what happened. The hall is supposedly right in the middle of the girls’ and boys’ hostel and supposedly the meeting point for the victim and the shooter.

The hall having glass doors allowed everything to be seen through them and showed the two first hugging each other and talking, but when the shooter tried to give her a parcel and she refused he brought out a gun and shot her. She fought a little, however, she collapsed when he shot her again.

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University Claiming Its Dog Bite

Apparently, as per an Indian Express report the police stated that the university authorities were giving different statements about what happened when questioned. According to a senior officer, “They initially said that it was a case of dog bite and refused to cooperate at first.”

However, a Shiv Nadar University spokesperson denies all these allegations and claims that the university is taking all the correct measures and accommodating with the investigation “A committee has been formed to probe the incident and how the student came to possess a gun. We are coordinating with the police probe as well.”

Suicide Video

Apparently, right before the shooting, Anuj shot a confessional video called “My suicide note” and shared it as a Google Drive link with his friends and university group. As per reports he did this mere 10 minutes before the shooting happened around 1.18 pm and the police got a call around 1.30 pm about the shooting.

In the 23-minute long video he claimed a lot of things and tried to justify his criminal act “I was a very good person and was into athletics at the national level. All was well until I got admission in this college. After coming to college, I met Sneha who changed my life.”

He stated how he and Sneha got into a relationship after she chased him but then alleged that the victim cheated on him and afterward broke up with him. He then also added that apparently, he was suffering from brain cancer and that “if I don’t get my surgery, then at the maximum, I have two years. I’m broken, shattered. Call me selfish, monster, coward. I’m OK with being called anything but I’m sorry for my actions”.

However, it seems that Anuj’s family denied him suffering from any ailment, his uncle Jaiveer Singh stated that “He stayed for five days and seemed very normal. He told us he was planning to go to the US for higher studies and the university was sending him abroad for a year. Apart from that, everything seemed fine. He was joining us in farming activities.”

He also added that “He was good at sports. If he had any illnesses, the symptoms would have shown. It is shocking that the boy did this. We were informed that he was not well and on reaching here, we came to know of the suicide. Much later, we were told that he shot a girl dead. We don’t know anything about how he got the gun. Many of his claims in the video about issues in the family are not true.”

Complaint Against Shooter

According to a Times of India report, after breaking up with Anuj, Sneha had even filed a complaint against him with college authorities since as per the leaked video of the shooter, he could not accept the end of their relationship and things went south between them further.

Several questions have also been raised about campus security and how exactly the student managed to not only bring a gun on campus but travelled with it all the way to the girl’s hostel.

Sneha’s father Raj Kumar Chaurasia said, “I was informed by the university that my child had gotten into an accident. I quickly left Kanpur and, upon reaching, came to know what had ensued. The college said they will conduct an inquiry. How can you let a man roam around with a gun? Where is the security? It is a university, it is supposed to protect its students. They have these many guards, and the boy managed to shoot her, that too, twice. Where were the people?”

He further said “I don’t know him. Our daughter spoke to us last around 12 pm. We will pursue the case. We need to know how he got the gun. We will file a complaint against the man and the college authorities. The incident is happening right under their CCTV, how could they not know or check?”

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