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As a teenager, I grew up reading fiction, and only fiction. I lived in my own world, far from reality, waiting for my Hogwarts letter. It is always fun to read fiction but one must know their limits and not get detached from the real world because delulu is NOT the solulu!

Today, imagination and fantasy have no boundaries. With free apps like Wattpad at their disposal, teenagers are spending their days and nights reading and writing stories that will never come true.

Young girls are waiting for some super-rich CEO to fall in love with them or for a member of the BTS group to marry them. My cousin is so obsessed with these teenage fanfiction stories that even her Instagram feed is full of love-hate relationship reels.

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I am glad that I never got addicted to this kind of stuff. As it is, all of them have the same storyline. The richest mafia on planet Earth falls in love at first sight with the poorest girl on this planet, who lives by strong principles.

She hates him from the core of her heart but ultimately falls for him too. Stupid? You’d still want to watch every episode of this stupidity if it pops up on your feed. 

These kinds of stories have set the standards so high that the youth does not want to settle for anything else. There is no room for small, sweet gestures. All they want is to get bitten by the most handsome vampire and enjoy toxicity, which by the way is found cute nowadays, all in the name of love. 

To the teens out there, WAKE UP! Get out of your bubble. Don’t let imagination and fantasy brainwash your mind. Stay in touch with reality. Don’t let fiction set beauty or love standards for you. Remember, acceptance is the key. 

Dear Alice, please come out of your Wonderland.

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