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I still remember how I had burnt the midnight oil in my class 12 exams to secure a good percentage which I eventually did and now after having spent about 2 years of college life, I realize the difference between studying in a good vs. an average college.

In this blog, I’ll mainly focus on the relevance and importance of college societies and how a good college is of paramount importance.

DU and specifically Hansraj is blessed to have a plethora of societies ranging from finance to debating to social entrepreneurship. As per one’s area of interest, one can enroll into any of them and subsequently, learn and grow.

I’m personally a part of two societies- commerce society and Enactus. Both of them belong to different fields and are absolutely fantastic in their own way.

I have made some great friends over the course of 2 years in these societies and more importantly, honed my skills. From brainstorming mock stocks and copious competitions to implementing unique, multiple entrepreneurship projects for the underprivileged, it has been a lovely journey so far. Without these societies, my college life would have been boring.

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I can go on and on about the wonderful experiences I have gained as my college life has mostly revolved around them.

The one big regret that I do have is that I haven’t been able to focus completely on my career for which I keep on delaying my preparation. We don’t realise it but the amount of time that we invest in societies is huge and keeping a fine balance between societies, competitive exams, college exams and internships is one hell of a task and for which I solely blame myself, I haven’t been able to do full justice to any one of them.

I had previously written an article on how a busy life is the best life but if I had to reframe it a bit, I would now say that a busy life where one gives 100% commitment to all the tasks that are handed to oneself is the best life.

The conundrum lies in the fact that I am genuinely fond of each of my responsibilities and wish to perform as per my best potential. I know I could have performed much better and contributed a hell of lot more than I have currently.

Also, one needs to realize that one shouldn’t compromise on his/her career at the expense of societies. As wonderful as societies are, concentrating on studies in relation to what one does after college life shouldn’t be ignored at any cost.

Only if I could roll back to the third semester, I would have taken some decisions differently. Anyway, societies have become an integral part of my life and without them, Hansraj wouldn’t be the ‘much loved’ Hansraj for me.

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