The Zomato-owned delivery service Blinkit has been for quite some time been in hot water due to its pay structure change and the eventual protests it resulted in from its delivery executives.

Blinkit in April 2023 changes its structure to decrease from Rs. 25 per delivery to Rs. 15 leading to its delivery boys holding mass protests across regions like Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad and leading to a lot of problems for the organisation’s delivery orders leading to around 100 dark stores even having to close down.

Although the company said that the strike had ‘minimal revenue impact’ it can be seen that there certainly has been an impact and now reports are coming out of delivery men opting for other options rather than just accepting Blinkit’s decision quietly.

Blinkit Deliverymen

Almost a month ago, reports revealed that as many as 1,000 delivery executives had chosen to leave Blinkit and join rival firms because of the payout structure change itself.

According to an Economic Times report, a person knowing about these developments had stated that “Blinkit had approximately 3,000 delivery executives in Delhi-NCR prior to the strike. Now, however, after protesting for a week, around one-third of them have joined rival platforms such as Swiggy, Instamart, Zepto, and Big Basket.”

Apparently, the workers had to move despite not wanting to because of the new decision by the company since they didn’t want to work for such low earnings.

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Joining Rival Firms

As per a report by The Print, Neeraj Kumar, a 26-year-old Blinkit executive since the last three years spoke up about the situation on the ground level. He said “We get no respect. Our families don’t understand what we do all day. And the customers, the guards in high-rise societies, or the companies we work for don’t respect us,”

According to Neeraj “It’s not just about money; it’s about dignity.” He further explained how “They have destroyed our life,” and that “We used to earn Rs 5,000 a week by fulfilling 120 orders. Now we must fulfill at least 170 orders to earn that much.”

As per The Print report a 23-year-old partner talked about how Uber and Ola might be better alternatives since “Our work is full of confrontation – with the company, customers, and guards at the gate. And we’re always on the losing end. Cab drivers are treated with respect; even customers are scared of them cancelling.”

He further said that “I’d rather sit behind the wheel in an AC car and ferry customers across NCR than stand at the gates of societies and get abused.” 

Another delivery executive actually talked about how he’s building his YouTube channel saying “My YouTube channel is about various temples across India. It is very popular. Now, saints are contacting me, requesting me to feature their dhams on my channel. I am not charging money from them because this is philanthropic work,” but does plan to quit his delivery work once he gets a stable income from his channel.

Ad Campaign

Even if Blinkit is officially claiming no change, it is certainly trying to work the PR angle since for the last few weeks, YouTube and other social media platforms have been showing such kind of ads for Blinkit about how it is a very good place to work and so on.

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