Recently, a Swiggy delivery partner met with a road accident in Andheri and lost his finger. Netizens were amazed at how he chose to do his duty despite his injury and deliver the order to his customer.

However, Swiggy was quite apathetic towards the incident and this fuelled a wave of rage against them on social media.

Incident In Detail

A few days ago, a Swiggy delivery boy lost his finger in an accident on his way to Al Baik in Andheri. Due to the mishap, the order that he was carrying got delayed, and as a natural response, the customer named Zulfakar Sadriwala wrote back to the serviceman enquiring about the status of his order. When Sadriwala was informed of the accident, he immediately asked the delivery man not to worry about the order and to take care of himself.

However, the delivery man insisted on getting the order delivered and claimed that Swiggy would deduct money if he failed to do his job. Mr. Sadriwala was appalled when he opened the door to the delivery man with his half-cut finger and his friend.

Zulfakar Sadriwala narrated the incident on Reddit and Twitter. He stated,

“I ordered a meal through Swiggy from my wife’s account from Al Baik in Andheri. After some time, I checked her phone and saw that the order had been picked up, but the driver was not moving.

I checked again 10 minutes later, and the driver was still stuck at the same spot near Infiniti Mall. When I called the driver, he told me that he had lost a finger in an accident. He asked me not to cancel the order and said he would arrange for someone else to deliver it.

He also told me that Swiggy would deduct the money from his account if I canceled the order. I told him not to worry about my order and to take care of himself.

He added, “In 10 minutes, two people came to deliver my meal. To my horror, I saw the delivery partner’s half-cut finger, and he had tied a handkerchief to stop the bleeding. His friend had accompanied him to deliver the order.

I asked him why they had come to deliver instead of going to the hospital, and he repeated the same thing that Swiggy would charge them. I offered to take him to the hospital, but his friend told me not to worry and that he was taking him there.”

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Swiggy’s Indifference

After learning about the delivery boy’s accident, Zulfakar wanted to help him by reaching out to Swiggy’s customer care service. Sadly, Swiggy seemed to show no concern for their delivery agent, and Zulfakar received the same impertinent, indifferent responses from both a human executive and the chatbot.

Zulfakar said,

“I wanted to help him by escalating his situation to Swiggy, so I tried their chatbot, but it was unhelpful. It gave me the same answers as before: “the delivery is on its way” or “call the delivery partner.”

I replied that the delivery partner had been injured and that I wanted Swiggy to inquire about him. The chatbot still gave me the same computer-generated response.

Finally, I found my way to speak to their customer representative through chat, but there was no option of calling them. I got connected to someone named Shweta. I repeated the same information, but the answers were the same as the chatbot’s.” 

Zulfakar claimed that after the injured delivery partner handed over his order, Swiggy sent him a notification asking him to enjoy his meal. He said,

“I received a notification from the Swiggy representative that my order had been delivered, as if she had solved some fucking issue. I told her about the injury and asked her to provide him with medical assistance.

She responded with a generic reply of “enjoy your order bullshit.” She also had the audacity to ask me to rate the conversation. Finally, after two minutes, the customer representative replied with “We will take care of him.” This entire incident just made me realize what we have become.

The people at the top of the food chain strive for excellence at the expense of those who drive this entire food chain.

Our greed for excellence has made us overlook the collateral damage it creates. And yet again, this brings to the picture why labor unions and strict labor policy and implementation are required.”

Netizens’ Reaction

Netizens melted at the delivery man’s dedication and sense of commitment, while they were furious at Swiggy’s unresponsive treatment and lack of pity towards their delivery agents. Several Twitter users slammed Swiggy for their indifferent behavior towards the delivery boy.

A Twitter user commented under Zulfakar’s post, “Swiggy doesn’t care at all, Delivery Partner’s priority will being injured was if the delivery didn’t happened, it would come out of his paycheck. This is horrible, and they had no means or support from the company.”

Another user tagging Swiggy and their customer care wrote, “This is not just unacceptable, it is horrifyingly inhumane. Nothing is worth some extra bucks, and the way y’all make these delivery drivers play with their lives on the streets for every single delivery is shameful.”

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