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Becca Luna, Founder of BoldxBoho is the Inspirational Designer You Need to Follow in 2021



Founder of BoldxBoho, Becca Luna is a soulful web designer helping women from around the world amplify their voices to create memorable brands through creative design and branding. Having worked with over 150 impact-driven female entrepreneurs from around the world, Becca is changing the game with her Showit Website Templates, and gorgeous custom designs.  

Describing herself as your personal web-designer and soul sister, Becca doesn’t shy away from the real talk. “I’m a high-school dropout that never made it past junior year,” she says. “When I left high school, I had 11 credits. 11 credits, when you need 24. I had felt defined by those credits. I was told I was a failure and that I’d never be successful. Teachers told me I was dumb because I couldn’t learn their way. But in actuality, I was creative, resourceful and I knew I was good with people. And at 16, I figured those skills could take me further than a failing outdated school system that told me I wasn’t good enough,” Becca says. 

Becca is a true testament to living life to your fullest potential and following your dreams. After dropping out of high school at 16, she and her high-school sweetheart, now fiancé, Willow Kaii, began traveling the world and working from their laptops. Fast forward a few years later, and Becca and her fiance have carved out a huge space for herself and her templates in an overcrowded, yet very rewarding market. 

“I learned how to do web design by being determined to save money and building my own website when I was first starting out as a Virtual Assistant,” Becca says. Becca just knew that it was something she could figure it out, and looking back, she exclaims that whilst it wasn’t the prettiest website out there, it was the one that had started it all. Building her own site had awoken something in Becca, and as she began studying design and website strategy, she found it came naturally to her. This bolstered Becca’s confidence to start taking on web-design clients of her own.

Seeing what her ‘soul sisters’ were wanting, Becca saw a way she could help, and BoldxBoho was born. After a successful $20,000 Pinterest launch, Becca had clients clamouring to engage her services. Two years since that launch, Becca is now a booked-out designer running her own 6-figure company. “It’s not what I do anymore, it’s who I am,” Becca says. “Crafting beautiful websites for beautiful women sets off a spark inside my heart that is indescribable. I was born to do this work,” she says.

One of Becca’s signature services, aside from her custom website design and Showit Templates, is her ‘Website in a Day’ offer, where she gives her clients a VIP Day, and launches their own fully customized website in just one business day! What takes most designers months, she’s able to do in just 9 hours, and her clients are raving about what they walk away with! Starting the day at 10am with a branding and strategy call, Becca then takes the reigns, works her magic and your brand-new website is ready to launch by 5pm.

Choosing her own path, Becca has not only created lasting impact for her own future, but over 50,000 others on social media. “I was born to help you believe in your dreams and create a place online that gives you the freedom you deserve,” Becca says.

To learn more about how Becca can help you create the business of your dreams, click here.

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