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Digital Entrepreneur Roshni Dhal is helping marketers grow their business


Digital entrepreneur Roshni Dhal is Helping marketers and entrepreneurs to grow their business using innovation and creativity together in the world of digital marketing. She has trained over 50,000 students in the field of digital marketing and has also been featured as LinkedIn top voice.

“The term Digital marketing has grown in popularity over time. Worldwide, digital marketing has become the most common term especially after the year 2013 “, says Roshni. Her SAAS products are being used by 10,000+ businesses globally. She has launched multiple digital products successfully and now continues to help business owners, students and professionals to enhance their skills.

She started her brand HighonM with Gaurav Madaan which is now scaling heights in the digital start-up space. This was the first step of crafting her journey into a larger digital marketing space. Her techniques and strategies are being followed across top MNCs.

She realise that lack of mentorship, resources and proper blueprint, makes businesses extremely difficult and challenging. She did not want branch to face challenges due to lack of right products, mentor at the right time. She decided to bridge the gap between formal knowledge being taught at colleges and what the market actually needs. She now empowers people and bridges this gap.

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