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Roman Shapovalov  – The new age entrepreneur who fought through all odds to build his thriving Real Estate Company


Some people are born to excel in whichever field they choose in their journey called life; very few achieve the stars, Roman being one of them.

1994 was the year when this brilliant mind entrepreneur was born in a small country of Belarus. This wonder kid had a different approach towards life, at an age when other kids were busy dreaming of toys and candies. This young kid dreamt of donning a business suit, an early makings of an entrepreneur, in simple words. At 7, his family migrated to the US, where his growing up years were spent indulging in sports and achieving high fitness levels. His insane love for fitness had him go through gruelling workouts which lasted for hours, resulting in him breaking a few coveted records in bench press and squatting. At 13, he took up to doing odd jobs like painting homes to earn some cash to working for McDonald’s and other petty jobs to sustain himself financially during his summer breaks at school.

He was always driven towards the world of business, and was diligently working at building a strong base which would help in kick-starting his journey. At 14, he completed his formal studies, just to start earning a bit, which would support his kin. He started his career as an IT Manager, at an age of just 16 and was in charge of managing all IT work for 10 car dealerships. He gradually transitioned into sales and eventually few years later to the position of a top automotive finance manager with millions in sales. The urge to make it big always troubled Roman’s mind and in due time he drew inspiration from some of his folks who were staunch real estate businessmen, and decided that this was the career path he wanted to follow, and gave it all towards achieving his goal. His initial capital came in from his early savings and by taking loans on some of his assets.

It has been a couple of years now since he forayed into the real estate business, and has been doing exceptionally well, taking up his business to further levels of success. His journey from doing odd jobs like painting houses during his teens to owning a real estate empire a decade later has been extremely fruitful. He urges all those aspiring entrepreneurs to chase their dreams, kick aside the setbacks, and achieve their goals, no matter what, and success is to follow, for sure.

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