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Musician Luna Grey launches the official ‘Big Boys’ rolling papers


Music over the last few years has evolved and how we appreciate it. We all love to discover new music of different genres and in this fast-paced world, several music artists are bringing novelty with their works. Nowadays, music artists don’t rely on big labels but showcase their talent over the digital domain. Luna Grey recently made news for the launch of the music video of her latest single ‘Big Boys’. The song is a playful tongue-in-cheek affair that combines dollar bills with baby bottles and building blocks.

This crossover hip hop is one of its own where Luna’s bold avatar in a baby gown stunned everyone. With the sassy track and its rhythmic vocals, one thing is for sure that Luna is capable of giving some out of the box tracks with her exhilarating voice. To keep the craze of her latest track intact, she launched a new line of ‘Big Boys’ rolling papers which are available in the classic 1¼ as well as in the king size version. Made from hemp, they burn steady and are very easy to roll. 

These exclusive rolling papers are available on https://theLunaGrey.com. For the rolling papers, they use natural vegan gum which is 100% organic and is certified as GM-free. Well, this strategy to boost her latest track is an excellent marketing move to let people know about Luna’s latest work. Speaking about the product, she said, “We have made it available on the website for $3 and $5 respectively in different versions. Looking at the positive response, we are thinking to launch a variety of other products soon.”

Adding her flavour of music, Luna Grey in recent times has created a new wave of music for the old soul. Her rebellious music style has not just broken various norms of modern hip-hop, but it has created a new trend. In the past, she has released several other tracks including ‘Scars’, ‘Heavensent’ and many more. Making a perfect amalgamation of beauty with brains, Luna Grey is truly going to rule the roster in the coming time. 

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