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Turning Barks Into Bucks: How a Feisty Chihuahua Changed his Owner’s Life and the Business Landscape for Dog Trainers around the globe.


A Misbehaved Chihuahua came close to ruining his relationship but instead, helped him generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for dog training businesses.

Can a dog be too old to be trained? That’s what Louie Torres, a business and marketing consultant, thought about Alfie, a chihuahua with a big spirit, for a long time. In fact, Alfie almost ruined Louie’s relationship with his girlfriend, Michelle. In the dog training world, Alfie was considered a “fearfully aggressive dog.” But the story doesn’t end there because Alfie would eventually help Louie change his business and help dog training businesses thrive.

Louie is a highly sought-after business consultant who’s scaled multiple businesses including 7 figure e-commerce brands, medical facilities, and franchised restaurants. His first job after college was at a retail brokerage firm on Wall Street, and he later became a business and marketing consultant. Combining years of experience and education, he knows exactly how to scale businesses to new heights.

Michelle adopted Alfie as a puppy and had to deal with his bad behavior for over ten years. Eventually, she had accepted the fact that Alfie was stuck in his ways and impossible to train. “I couldn’t take him anywhere without issues,” Louie said. “He would bark at everyone and he even bit me a few times.” Alfie caused many arguments between Louie and his girlfriend. At one point, they even considered giving him to Michelle’s mother. 

As he stood ready to get rid of Alfie, Louie and his girlfriend decided to ask for help. They began calling dog trainers, all of whom told them Alfie was too old to be trained, and there was nothing to do with a dog like him. Refusing to give up on Alfie, they kept on looking and found a trainer ready to take on the challenge. The rest is history, their experience with that trainer completely changed the dog’s behavior, Louie’s life, and business! 

After his dog trainer had completely transformed his relationship with his dog, Louie explored the dog training industry, which made him realize that the marketing and business strategies used by trainers are completely outdated. By applying his business and marketing knowledge to this space, he turned the dog training industry upside down with programs that allow trainers to easily attract thousands of disappointed dog owners like him. From this endeavor, Unleashed Marketing was born.

Unleashed Marketing attracts and connects frustrated dog owners with dog training businesses ready to help. Louie understands the importance of dog training and has personally experienced the benefits of it, but he also understands sales, marketing, business, and human psychology which has helped him create a unique system not available anywhere else. His goal is to give other dog owners that opportunity he was given — saving his relationship with his dog — without the struggle of looking for a good dog trainer.

When he founded Unleashed Marketing, Louie helped his first client generate $15,000 USD in 30 days using paid social media, a proven sales process, and high-end automation. His strategies and techniques have catapulted dog training businesses and helped dog owners like himself change their relationship with their dog. Unleashed Marketing now helps hundreds of pet industry businesses, with clients in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

Louie never thought his Chihuahua’s problematic behavior would lead to an opportunity to create a global agency that helps connect dog owners to the best trainers in their area. Reach out to Louie and his team for a free strategy call to see if he can help your dog training business scale to new heights.

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