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Expert Seminar on anti-COVID-19 Chinese herbal medicine “Honee Taishen Granule” held in Ritan, Beijing


On November 26, 2020, Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical held an expert seminar on anti-COVID-19 medicine “Honee Taishen Granule” in Ritan, Beijing.

At this meeting, the company invited a number of experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to discuss the current research results of “Taishen Granules” and put forward their suggestions on the future research and development direction of this drug.

The company starts a long-term anti-plague research program since Ebola outbreak in 2015, and Taishen Granule comes from a reserve formula of that program. This formula is derived from an ancient prescription against Taiyin cold-dampness and stagnation lung syndrome, which is consistent with symptoms of this COVID-19 epidemic according to traditional Chinese medicine theory. The company’s scientific research team combined with epidemiological research and clinical trial experience, followed the ancient prescription dosage and technology, and finally developed this drug.

Its components can eliminate dampness and turbidity, repel foulness and remove toxin, which give it cold-dampness eliminating and antiviral effects. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, it rectifies Taiyin cold damp constitution and restores yin-yang balance of the body, which can help patients regain immunity and prevents the virus from affecting the spleen to damage the body.

In cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification agencies, Handian Pharmaceutical research team has carried out relevant research on pharmacology, pharmacology and toxicology of this product. With the gradual improvement of various studies, it is hoped that the efficacy and safety of this product can be further verified.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of COVID-19 patients in China, it is difficult to carry out clinical research on this drug. As a result, the company is seeking international cooperation to provide antiviral drugs, and conduct further clinical research.

The Ritan (which means the Temple of Sun in Chinese) used to be a sacred place for ancient Chinese people to worship the God of Sun. The “Taishen Granule” expert seminar is held here in the hope that “Taishen Granule” will act like the sun to dispel the pain and darkness brought by COVID-19 to this world.

Prominent experts who participated in the seminar includes: Chen Keji, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Li Junde, Vice President of the China Association of Chinese Medicine; Wang Xiaoliang, former Director of the Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences; Fang Dingya, Former President and Chief Physician of Xiyuan Hospital of Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences; Liu Shuzhi, principal researcher of the Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

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