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Author Liden McCoy releases her work-from-home guide for mommies


Author Liden McCoy recently released her guide for career-minded mothers, 5 Jobs Mommies Can Work from Home. Liden was inspired to write by her late mother, Constance, who raised six children while running a daycare. She appreciates the time and attention that she received while her mother worked from home and hopes to empower other mothers to do the same.

5 Jobs Mommies Can Work from Home is a quick, engaging read that provides examples of enticing work-from-home roles. Liden includes a variety of different occupations, since some, like becoming a voice actor, may not be feasible for all. She explains each job in clear terms and outlines necessary qualifications, statistics, and expected earnings to ensure readers are informed of all the relevant details. Most importantly, Liden draws on over a decade of experience in human resources as she explains the best methods of finding opportunities. 

Mothers from any background or situation can benefit from Liden’s comprehensive guide to creating sustainable income. 5 Jobs Mommies Can Work from Home includes links to important resources and strategies for finding the right niche. Liden also provides insightful exercises, like the Mompreneur Goal Worksheet, that are designed to make readers think critically about their lives, goals, and dreams.

Fans describe Liden’s work as “an essential read” and “very informative.” They praise her honesty, simple language, and constant encouragement throughout the book. Liden reminds readers that several CEOs have started businesses at home while raising their children. Although 5 Jobs Mommies Can Work from Home is intended to help mothers manage work and family, Liden feels that it can be an enlightening read for loved ones and friends as well.

Liden McCoy is an author and entrepreneur with a passion for helping people maximize their potential without sacrificing time for family. When she’s not writing, Liden operates a small emergency kit business, www.4ursurvival.com, from her home. 

5 Jobs Mommies Can Work from Home is available for purchase at Amazon.com, Google Books, and barnesandnoble.com.

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