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“Astoria Rumors” by Cheryl Colwell, bestselling author of mystery and suspense novels, will be available from Oct 1


Cheryl Colwell, bestselling author of mystery and suspense, has announced the forthcoming release of her latest novel, Astoria Rumors. Told in alternating timelines between the late 1800s and the present, Astoria Rumors is rich with historical detail, engaging characters, and a healthy splash of romance. For her new series, Colwell created a resilient female heroine to inspire hope for women, some of whom may also be struggling to start over. Astoria Rumors is the first book of the Eaven Alexander Series. 

Astoria Rumors follows protagonist Eaven Alexander as she embarks into the unknown after a sudden and shocking upset in her personal life. Homeless and broke, she agonizes over how to resurrect her career. In a twist of fate, her degrees in historical architecture and antiques land her a job to find an important document for the mysterious Greg Sault. As she hunts for it in a crumbling mansion owned by his enemy, she is convinced neither man is who he says he is – especially after she is kidnapped and left for dead. Too late, she realizes that something insidious is lurking beneath Astoria’s idyllic façade. 

Colwell has written several other novels with a similar historical bent, including her award-winning masterpiece The Proof, which reached #1 bestseller on Amazon. As an ardent traveler, Colwell often integrates her personal experiences into her work. She first conceived of the idea behind The Proof while visiting Tuscany and viewing the authentic sword in the stone. She enjoys using her writing to rekindle faith and transport her readers to stunning locations where they meet mysterious strangers and unexpected danger. 

Reviewers praise Colwell’s books, describing them as a “never-ending ride of puzzles” and “wonderfully unpredictable.” Fans of mystery and suspense will love Colwell’s expert language, fast-paced plot, and complex narratives. Astoria Rumors and Colwell’s other works are sure to delight a broad audience.

Cheryl Colwell is an author, blogger, and traveler. She hopes to captivate and connect with her readers through her work and her blog. Specifically written for women, her blog encourages hope, especially for those braving a fresh start.

Astoria Rumors will be available for purchase on October 1, 2020 at your favorite bookstores. Additional information and links to Colwell’s works are available at

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