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Astro FX: All Set to Fly High in the Global market


Astro FX is the brain child of Aman Natt and Shaun Lee, two young guns in Forex Trade. They started small in Birmingham, UK and then went on to turn big in the global market. Their meeting has been interesting as they were on the social media in the search for some Guru or venture that can help in Forex Trade. This is where they came in touch with others and soon realised that they are sailing the same boat that made them collaborate and embark upon their joint venture called Astro FX.
However, their initial days went simply exploring and mastering the Forex Trade domain and they returned with their educational and training videos on Forex Trade. Their videos released on Tuesday called Technical Tuesday went viral as it focussed on training and educating aspiring businessmen in Forex. Astro FX primarily deals with training and educating aspiring businessmen and students looking to start their career in Forex Trade. The company has remained the leading group in the UK since past five years in this domain.
It has emerged as the fastest growing school in trading along with having a huge student base all across the world. So far, Astro FX have trained and taught more than 2200 students getting more than 3.1 million views on their videos shared on YouTube on market analysis. With their brand the duo has travelled to different countries like US, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, South Africa and Middle East with their training workshops making Astro Fx a global venture. The company runs various recognised courses shaping enterprising people for global trade in Forex.
Brand Voice
Brand Voice
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