December 18: India’s Glorious History has a lot to teach us; it is a sign for us, as the citizens of this glorified nation – Bharatvarsha, we can make our land great again! We need to bring back the lost glory of the nation so that once again our country could be known as “Sone Ki Chidiya”, the popular phrase, which still describes Ancient India!

Reviewing this impactful book, “Kyaa Bhaarat Mein Berozgaari ki Samasya Hai Ya Seekhne Ki” by Author Rajiv Magan, reflects the reality and the conditions of our Indian Society has been a very special experience. Since nowadays, we all are talking a lot about the growth and development of the country, but most of us often forget to do our parts as members of society.

The author emphasized the problems and issues of employment, which are primarily attributable to a lack of sufficient education. In several pieces, the author attempted to explain the opportunities available in our country. The book tackles the country’s most pressing issue: unemployment. It not only explains the issues but also offers practical answers. Many students and individuals are unable to discover their true calling or line of work. They are unable to select the most appropriate job route. The author presented examples of people who were successful in determining their career path and achieving their objectives. Various examples are used to highlight the importance of non-targeted reading in our daily lives. There’s also a mention of his website, where students can learn fundamental English and grammar on their own time.

In addition, to promote some extra and non-targeted studies, Author Rajiv Magan started a Library at his own home. In his personal life, he likes reading books and newspapers along with watching the news and discussing matters of concern. Ever since his childhood, he has had a very special interest in the subject of History and probably this is the primary reason why the Author has made such efforts to make his readers aware of the facts of history through his book.

Well, as the title “Kyaa Bhaarat Mein Berozgaari ki Samasya Hai Ya Seekhne Ki” ( suggests, this book talks about the issues of unemployment and the related problems, which occur due to the lack of employment as well as the things that we need to learn, in order to become a better and progressed society. Undoubtedly, Author Rajiv Magan has completely succeeded in choosing a perfect ‘Book Title’ for his incredible piece of writing, and his write-up in the book truly justifies the title of his book. Therefore, I must mention that it’s a very apt title for this book, and the Author has been extremely wise to go for this title.

Moreover, if we look towards the ‘Book Cover’, then one can say that through the book cover, the Author is indeed trying to paint a very vivid picture of the national issue of unemployment as the cover displays the citizens of the country on the national political map, with almost all of them facing some or the other kind of struggles. In addition, the display of ‘Bullock Cart’ driving the nation on the cover of the book makes the Author’s concept very clear. The book cover makes this novel look even more interesting and relevant to the subject matter of unemployment.

Book’s Introduction: This remarkable Hindi Novel, “Kyaa Bhaarat Mein Berozgaari ki Samasya Hai Ya Seekhne Ki”, cleverly presents the readers with the national issue of unemployment and the lack of basic means for the common people of the country. It is extremely unfortunate that even after 75 years of our country being independent, we still are failing to become ‘Self Reliant’ in a complete manner, as a nation!

The book is written with the aim of highlighting the anomalies or the inconsistencies prevailing in society. The author wants the readers to learn from History as much as possible since historical events are some great examples to understand the past mistakes and learn from them so that we do not repeat the same mistakes in the future too! This book is actually a collection of write-ups based upon the national issue of unemployment and the related issues, which are affecting the country in various adverse manners.

Well, Author Rajiv Magan has very openly presented his views through this book and is hoping that the readers of his book would at least get the understanding of the historical facts along with the awareness of the nation’s current scenario!

Also, the fact that this book, “Kyaa Bhaarat Mein Berozgaari ki Samasya Hai YaSeekhne Ki”, is written in Hindi is another very prime reason for the readers to feel connected with the writings of the Author, as there could not have been a better manner to highlight the issues of national concern.

A Book like “Kyaa Bhaarat Mein Berozgaari ki Samasya Hai Ya Seekhne Ki” is for sure a Must Read oneand deserves a chance. The way the author had penned down his knowledge of the national political and social conditions, the readers are bound to learn so much from this book. You seriously don’t get to read a book like every day, these kinds of Novels hit the market only once in a while, and Author truly deserves appreciation for his hard work and out of the box thinking!

Author Rajiv Magan is a very promising Author who is truly honest with his writings too, which the readers can feel in his work.


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