By Mansi Rawat 

The second semester has begun and so has the fest season. DU fest season is going to be at its peak in February and it’s time for us to think critically as well.

Well no matter how flashy and fascinating these fests might sound they have an entire story behind them. Numerous students put in their days in the organisation and are these fests worth it?

Presenting the two sides of the same coin.

Are our fests worth it?

Having the time of your life

The fest season comes after the dry spell of the first semester, it’s a break from one’s monotonous life. It provides a respite after being pissed off with internals and projects. It’s one of the opportunities for students to move out of their classrooms and learn things with a twist.

A friend of mine who was a part of an organising committee of her college fest proudly proclaims how she juggled between the sponsors and administration. That entire experience made her confident and ready to sell anything at any point of time.

Fests mean differently to different people. As a third year moving out of college, I might not be looking forward to my college fest as compared to a first year. As a first year this was “the time” one always looked forward to.

The difference also comes if you are a part of a performing society as you get to participate and your presence has a motive much more than just attending a pro-night. These college fests are an amazing platform to show one’s skills and earn exciting prizes.

Fests are full of fashion, food and fun. Watch out as you see the students put their casual clothes at rest and dress up and flaunt their attire.

These fests are an apt opportunity for you to visit your dream campus. Fests provide you with the perfect reason to visit campuses of various colleges and even make friends there.

All in all the entire experience of a fest is different for different people but it’s the ideal way of having fun.

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Are they worth all our pain?

Recently one of my professors commented on our college fest as, “I wish that these resources were spent and diverted in a more productive manner possible.”

This statement often makes me wonder whether all the juggling and pain is worth the result?

A lot goes behind the organization of any fest. Constant struggles with the rigid administration, begging for sponsors, security issues, decor hassles and many more such issues are a regular behind the scene scenario.

Our organising committees go through a lot only to impress a few?

Are our definitions of enjoyment so rigid and huge as our fest budgets? In the name of legacy, we are constantly competing to prove our college’s name aka. brand value? Who is coming at a pro night and the footfall is the main attractions, aren’t we too shallow to celebrate such elements?

Our fests are huge because of the heavy budgets and big names but imagine having an alternative to these crowded fests? I personally feel that multilingual talks, discussions, screenings would make up for great events.

I also personally don’t see a point of celebrating and having a fest especially this year because of the ongoing DUTA protest. Our professors have been constantly fighting for a better education system which will benefit us and in lieu what do we give them instead of support? A fest? Imagine all our energies and resources getting diverted into spreading awareness and just standing up with our professors, wouldn’t that be a celebration? A celebration of dissent?

PS- Fests are also extremely crowded and unsafe which only adds on to the hassles.

In the comments below, please share your views about the issue.

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