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Are Bollywood Boys Marrying Non-Celebrities Because They Need To Be Taken Care Of?


The news of Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh getting engage must have hit you all by now.

What with his mother making a certain comment and then him getting trolled on the internet because of his engagement, he is straight in the limelight.

But, it wasn’t his mother or him that sparked the idea behind this article.


Instead, it was his fiancee Rukmini Sahay who interested me and made notice a certain pattern that I am seeing in Bollywood these days, especially in the younger generation.

John Abraham did it, so did Shahid Kapoor and so did Vivek Oberoi.

What did they do you ask?

Marry a non-celebrity and in some cases it has been arranged while in other it has been a combination of arranged cum love.

The Appeal Of Non-Celebrity:

Celebrities marrying non-celebrities or people who are not part of the entertainment industry is nothing new.

Earlier in the 90’s Madhuri Dixit married doctor Nene, Juhi Chawla married businessman Jay Mehta and Rekha too was briefly married to industrialist Mukesh Aggarwal.



There have been several reasons stated for this, which state why Bollywood celebrities like to go for normal or common people, especially when it comes to marriage.

The most common one is the jealousy and competition of being in the same industry. As an actor one must do a variety of scenes with their co-star, including intimate scenes for the sake of the story. This could bring in the jealousy factor, as seeing your partner getting intimate with various people is not something one can handle easily.

One would notice that even the celebrity marriages that are successful, usually have one of the partner be either less successful or in the case of women, choosing motherhood over career, which does not leave them a lot of time to work. A few such examples of this are Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhachchan, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna and more.

We could also say that competition level goes way down when both the partners are in different industries. If both are actors, there will in some part of them, always be that feeling of competitiveness or why one’s film is not doing as well.

Suppose both the partners are have a start-up, then the others success while making their partner happy would also be a source of jealousy. On the other hand, if one partner was a teacher and the other a business person, then the success of either of them, would be a source of joy.

The Matter Of Arranged Marriage:

After the power dynamic part, I would like to address the trend of arranged marriages that seem to be quite popular, especially amongst the boys of Bollywood.

Of late, a lot of Bollywood actors have opted to get married not just to a non- celebrity but also in a traditional and arranged way.

Shahid Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi and now Neil Nitin Mukesh have joined the arranged marriage bandwagon.


There is seems to be a growing appeal of going back to the arranged marriage traditions. Sure these actors have their fair share of relationships with other actors and models, but when it comes to marriage, they tend to go for one selected by their parents only.

Now, this could be to keep the power balance stable, one is more famous than the other and the wife is also accepted by the family, which allows the actor to have a more harmonious marriage.

Most of the times, these women are not from the film industry and thus would do away with matter of temptation or jealousy.

Signing off I would just like to ask that, is the rising trend of Bollywood actors getting an arranged marriage to non-celebrities because they need to taken care of, or just have a long lasting marriage?
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