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Why An Anti Feminism Ideology Is Necessary In The Modern Times


Anti feminism. What a lovely way to turn the tables, eh?

Before you think I’m gonna rant about how feminism has oppressed men and all that bullcrap that is fed to you online, get outside your box and read this article first to judge.

The out-and-out criticism of the 3rd wave of feminism does make me question its legitimacy as a movement and that’s what we’re gonna analyse. The “WHY”.

The word preaches equality. But then again, it’s a subjective, closely defined and intricate equality. For a universal scenario in it’s unbiased form, equality should never be subjective to circumstances.

Now, circa 2016 where social media and feminazis are like the fat villain from Mad Max : Fury Road, it’s the pseudo rebel generation which is embroiled in the conundrum of believing that feminism is about demanding equality in education and jobs but not for federal penalties and jail sentences.

Simple words, equality is okay but only for good things.

Now, that’s what ticks me off.

And that’s where the theory and ideology of anti feminism steps in.


1. What Is Anti Feminism?

Anti feminism is not existent to oppose feminism outright but only deals with certain aspects such as letting feminism stay in its domain and not ascend to the status of an elitist movement.

Exactly what anti feminism wishes to clear. Men’s rights are not a joke. Nobody’s rights are a joke, for that matter.

I call this elitist because apparently, Taylor Swift has been seen as a (not so) shining example of promoting Caucasian feminism in comparison to African American or Black Feminism. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s keep it as as a mass movement and not differentiate it on the basis of color and race.


Anti feminism also categorically analyses feminism and its actual agenda, if it has been achieved or not and where feminism is being misused by certain people in order to gain advantage ; be it sociological, political or economical.


2. But Why Is An Anti Feminism Theory And Its Application Necessary?

Let’s go to the drawing board for that :

Anti feminism, not only assesses the objectives of feminism and its criteria, it also discourages misogyny for a critical analysis and not a bigot opinion of the other movement.

Women in multiple countries, especially India, have allegedly misused the term feminism to gain popularity for all the wrong reasons, some for insulting a guy and publicising it on social media or some for getting a harmless guy imprisoned because he “allegedly” eve-teased her.

There have also been reported cases of alleged domestic violence, rape, dowry hassle and stalking.

So, in order to save the unnecessary hassle to the men of the country who are victims (yes, victims) of alleged attempts to harm a women’s physical or emotional state of being, an ideology and its implementations need to be developed so that the actual perpetrators of a crime are punished and not the alleged ones.

The ignorant ones should be made aware to differentiate where a movement becomes a tactic, what its consequences are (legal, federal, etc.) and how does it psychologically affect the opposite sex and its “image”.

Instead of demanding equal rights by saying that men are the reason for the situation of women across the country, the entire system as a whole should be put to question instead of engaging in gender bias.

There are many men who classify themselves as feminist and there is nothing wrong in that. Why? Because they support the idea of equality and not superiority.

Gender roles. Unrealistic expectations. Yes. Sexism.
Gender roles. Unrealistic expectations. Yes. Sexism.

The inclusion of gender roles and an inherent identity crisis doesn’t make it any better to convey the meaning of feminism, where choice is allegedly interpreted by some women as a means to cheat on their partner and being invulnerable to backlash or being drunk at midnight and referring to themselves as “liberal”.

To the women who demand superiority under the garb of feminism, those are the kind of women who need to be made aware with proper education and counselling and not just by openly bashing them on social media or public that what feminism actually states or is supposed to state.

Otherwise, doesn’t make us men any better than the feminazis.

God bless this country.

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