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Anterleen Singh Vohra – The Businessman in Making


The name Rajwant Singh Vohra is no indigent of any introduction. The founder and the managing director of Fateh TV Network, Mr. Vohra has been in the industry for over three decades and has monumental accomplishments and achievements added to his name.

But here, we talk about Mr. Anterleen Singh Vohra, who like his father, is all geared up to transform the way the audience watches the religious channels.

Mr. Anterleen Singh joined hands with his father when he was still a teen. And today, in 2020, he is the CEO of Fateh TV Network, and ready to bring to the television industry, the value of his knowledge and expertise.

The Ludhiana-born young boy, a student of Sacred Heart Convent School went to the Queen Mary University of London. Having come back with Master’s in Finance, he straight up conjoined hands with his father to bring the Fateh TV to a new global height.

A business mindset and a vision for global growth have made what Mr. Anterleen Singh is today. With his knowledge and specialization, he is administering and managing the diversified business dealing in Cable Industry, Television Industry, and Hotel industry.

Anterleen Singh is the mind behind the operation of the new accomplishment of the Fateh TV Network- Fateh News.

He heads the governing and management of the news channel project. And according to an inner source, Fateh News is already in the testing phase. Soon, Mr. Anterleen Singh will launch the news channel.

The Fateh News channel will be accessible on all the OTT and IPTV platforms across the world. The channel will telecast the news from across the nation and the world.

Besides the news updates, political debates and discussions, speed news, general bulletin, the channel will telecast city-centric features. These include- Citizen journalism, fitness, food, shopping, movies, technology, and the shows based on audience interaction.

What is unique about the Fateh News is that alongside delivering news to the audience, the channel will bring a progressive outlook incorporating logical opinions, smarter viewpoints, and pride in them.

He is the man behind bringing youth-centric programs like Raag Rattan, Gatka Competition, and Gursikh Stars to the Fateh TV Channel as a way to inculcate the esteemed Sikh values in the children and young people.

The young Mr. Vohra is a top businessman in the making and has earned veneration for his vision to globalize his family business and bringing to a height where Rajwant Ji has dreamt of.

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