April 20: Alfonso Cahero, Chairman, Founder and CEO, of Cahero Holding talked about the performance of his business conglomerate at Sir Ritossa Investment Summit, in Dubai last December. We’re royal families from around the world gather to share the scope of global economics especially focusing on investment opportunities.

“Since we started our expansion through the Middle East we have focused on innovation, the optimization of time in our day-to-day operations, to fulfill the expectations of our clients.”

Alfonso Cahero is the Chairman & Founder of Cahero Holding. He has a Ph.D. in Economics and Finance specializing in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law, a Specialization in Financial Technology, and a Ph.D. Architecture and Engineering.

Alfonso Cahero talks on the 17th Sir Anthony’s Ritossa investment Summit about the investments in oil and gas, technology, logistics and health care that his corporation will allocate.

All the investments were strategically structured to boost the performance of triple-A companies as well as providers of triple-A companies around the world.

“Cahero Holding is a business conglomerate that is passionate to promote investment through Cahero Capital to our clients need it the most.”

Potential clients can acquire more about Alfonso Cahero, his expertise, and exclusive services offered by his business conglomerate Cahero Holding. 

Connect with Alfonso Cahero on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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