The artificial intelligence (AI) sector is growing by leaps and bounds every single day now.

The fact that a lot of work in today’s COVID-19 world has to be done contactless, virtual and more has led to the sector advancing at a quicker speed than anyone would have thought.

People are more reliant on gadgets and AI as a whole to do a lot of things that people used to do, but with the whole world still dealing with the coronavirus and its aftereffects, like social distancing and all, it resulted in AI becoming quite important to us in order to do various things.

But now, there seems to be another progress being made where smart toilets using AI are being developed that would do more than just warm the toilet seat, play music, and have bidets in them.

They could even analyze your stool directly and help to detect certain health problems.

smart toilets

What Are These Smart Toilets?

Researchers are working to develop a smart toilet that using AI would be able to analyze its user’s stool and provide their gastroenterologists with important information they might need for the patient’s treatment.

The AI tool could reportedly also be fitted into standard toilets and convert them into a smart one.

Typically, gastroenterologists have to rely on patient self-reported information about their stool to help determine the cause of their gastrointestinal health issues, which can be very unreliable,” said Deborah Fisher, MD, one of the lead researchers on this project.

Fisher, an associate professor of medicine from Duke University in the US explained that, “Patients often can’t remember what their stool looks like or how often they have a bowel movement, which is part of the standard monitoring process. The Smart Toilet technology will allow us to gather the long-term information needed to make a more accurate and timely diagnosis of chronic gastrointestinal problems.”

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Reports about the study state that the AI tool would be fitted into the pipes of the toilet and once the person has passed their stool and flushed the tool would capture an image of the stool from the pipes itself.

A gastroenterologist could then ask their patients for this data including stool form like loose, normal, or constipated, whether there is any blood in it or more, and make a more accurate diagnosis thus leading to the best treatment option.

The study that was presented at the Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2021 also added how this technology could help people who have chronic gastrointestinal issues such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The artificial intelligence image analysis tool for the Smart Toilet has been developed after researchers analyzed some 3,328 unique stool images. These images were either taken from online platforms or contributed by research participants.

However, while the prototype seems promising it has not yet been launched for common public purchase. Researchers are still developing on areas for the technology that would be able to provide even more specific disease data to the patient and the gastroenterologist.

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Sources: IB Times, Hindustan Times, News18

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