For how long have you been a part of this industry?

I’ve been a part of media and events industry for last 10 years and have had the opportunities to work with many famous celebrities and be a part of prestigious events.

When did you start PKG lifestyle news?

I started PKG lifestyle news as a fortnight newspaper in 2017 with an aim to connect the social circle of delhi as well as introduce new and talented artists to the world. It also provided me with opportunities to meet many talented artists and know their work. Today PKG lifestyle news is associated with more than 500 high profile artists managing their PR and promoting their careers and events.

Tell us something about the award show you organized in 2019.

PKG lifestyle news award show 2019 was also organised with the aim of felicitating new and talented artists from various fields. Bollywood actress Zareen Khan was the Chief Guest for the show and she honoured the winners with certificates. The show was a success and appreciated by many.

Tell us about your efforts to help society during corona pandemic.

Last year PKG lifestyle news started an initiative to honour the efforts of corona warriors by giving them certificates to appreciate their work during the pandemic. Around 200 certificates were given to the corona warriors.

Tell us about your new venture, PKG lifestyle news top 50 personalities magazine.

PKG lifestyle news top 50 personalities magazine is my step towards encouraging people to have a better lifestyle by sharing the stories of various personalities who did amazing work in their respective fields last year. We know that the corona pandemic and national lockdown changed the lives of people all around the globe; most of the businesses were affected badly as people lost their jobs and livelihood. However there were many people who fought against all these odds and did not only come out victorious but also helped the others who were affected worst by the pandemic. We are sharing with you the stories of 50 of these personalities hoping they inspire you as much as they inspired us.



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