The use of AI (artificial intelligence) is not just limited to appliances or technology but has gone much further than that.

In today’s time, you can make it write a story, do research for yourself and making artwork before even much thought. AI is quickly taking over, even in such creative pursuits and that is making people have questions and concerns of their own given how much people are already depending on it and how correct it is to do in the first place.

AI artist Sahid had shared the images on his Instagram account where he used Midjourney AI to turn historical figures and how they’d look if they’d been gym enthusiasts.

What Did The AI Artist Do?

Artist Sahid took up a number of known historical figures like Mahatma Gandhi, William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Karl Marx, Rabindranath Tagore, Abraham Lincon, Vincent Van Gogh, Nelson Mandela, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and gave them a gym enthusiast makeover using the Midjourney AI.

He posted the images on his Instagram account with the caption “Buff historical figures, they’ve been hitting the gym above.”

Sahid has been often using AI to create interesting styles of artwork and this is not his first time, he earlier had an AI reimagine how Mumbai will look many years into the future to interesting results. He had also posted AI-generated images of metro systems from various cities in India that also had people talking.

All the historical figures are made extremely buff with bulging muscles, pecs and biceps, which are quite a trademark of those who hit the gym often and are focused on bodybuilding and such.

The one thing that did stand out in this series though was that there were not any female historical figures given the same reimagining.

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This prompt thought of reimagining certain types of figures whether historical or social or political into various situations is not new. In March, Twitter user Cam Harless had also attempted to use AI to create images where they reimagined US presidents, past and current and how they’d look like professional wrestlers.

Image Credits: Google Images

Feature Image designed by Saudamini Seth

Sources: India.comThe Indian Express, News18

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