You must have seen the Taj Mahal, I am sure. Even if you have not seen it in real, there are plenty of pictures and you have to really be living under a rock to have somehow missed it.

But, have you ever wondered what the Taj Mahal might have looked like when it was being built? What did Shah Jahan see everyday till the time it was completely done and before he proceeded to order the arms of the builders to be cut off? (Did he, really?)

Here is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes to power. Jyo John Mulloor, a self-proclaimed “Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast” and “AI Time Traveller” shared AI-generated images of the Taj Mahal’s construction. He claims that Shah Jahan himself has sent him the pictures.

Come, let’s take a look at the images and know some interesting Taj Mahal trivia.

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Looks like the artisans were safe. If you know more, share in the comments, please!

Image Sources: Google Images

Feature Image designed by Saudamini Seth

Sources: India Times, Hindustan Times, India Today

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