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Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the potentiality of a digital computer or other computer-based machines to perform tasks that are associated with intelligent beings. It involves the intellectual processes of reasoning, discovering meaning, generalising, and learning from past mistakes.

The digital computer was developed in the 1940s and ever since then it has been used to solve complex problems with proficiency. AI has come a long way since then and people are now concerned whether or not it poses a threat to human intelligence.

Palak and I are here to argue whether or not we should be actually worried about AI taking over the world or not.

Yes, We Should Be Worried 

Maybe, a time will come that technology will take over us and pose a threat to humanity. 

-Palak Dogra

A Job Killer

A major fear all of us have regarding AI is the unemployment of human workers because of the replacement with AI workers. As AI grows, the need for trained human workers will vanish and instead trained AI robots will take up the work done by us. In fact, even now, 80% of the work done by us is on machines, hence, the fear is real. 

Cyber Crimes

As the work using AI will increase, another major threat it will pose is an increase in cyber crimes. It is a worrying concern because certain miscreants can use AI for performing ill activities and hampering cyberspace. The fear surrounding plagiarism, copyright, fraudsters, and bogus sites is also stemming. 

No Care Of Human Existence

AI can reach a point wherein it won’t worry about human existence. Instead, it will reach a stage where it will be able to develop itself and learn new knowledge. Maybe, a time will come when technology will take over us and pose a threat to humanity. 

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No, We Should Not Be Worried

Though AI has attained the performance level of human experts in performing certain specific tasks, it cannot take over completely.

-Pragya Damani

AI Is Limited To Its Parameters

AI can only perform tasks within a given set of parameters and the data that has been provided. It has been programmed with certain objectives and it cannot break out of its boundaries. Hence, it still lies subservient to human intelligence.

AI Lacks Human Emotions

Humans thrive when there is an emotional connection. Mutual understanding along with cooperation and coordination makes any given task easier and more fruitful. AI would never be able to come to the same results as it lacks said emotions. Humans also have the tendency to go the extra mile which AI would not be able to replicate as it works within set parameters.

Humans Always Adapt

Even if there is a slight potential of AI control, there are many precedents to prove that human beings have always been able to adapt to the advent of technology. AI would only make human lives easier and which leaves ample space and time for us to be more productive and innovative.

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