New Delhi (India), June 23: The owner of more than two hundred franchises across South Asia,, has now come to Kurnool city. has partnered with Mr. Sheikh Parveez Ameer to open this franchise for the customers on the 29th of May. With many of the projects in the pipeline, owns over 200 franchises in India, Nepal and Turkey and is looking to expand itself in other South Asian countries and serve as many as possible. is the largest gadget repair and one-of-its-kind chain in India. The launch of this company in the gadget repair sector has been a revolutionary step as it reached the masses across numerous Indian cities in a small time period. The unique selling proposition of single-day repair and pickup and drop facilities for the gadgets has helped the brand to grow rapidly during this time. Eliminating the risk of a data breach at all costs during the service by has earned the trust of the customers and made this brand a trustworthy one and thereby expanding its base in India as well as in other South Asian countries. 

The systematic and freely flowing working structure has been evolved by its experts and veteran professionals. They ensured that strives to become a people’s brand. The training of our technicians has been done to fulfill all kinds of requirements that may come from the customer. Phixman has also launched its website so that booking appointments is easier for customers, the easy-to-use user interface helps people of all age groups to book their services hassle-free. is opening more and more franchises across different cities of India and so is looking for business partners. The initial aid, training and other assistance will be provided by



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