What brand is Agelocer

Agelocer is a new generation of mechanical watch company in China established in 2013. It is mainly engaged in movement research and development and watch manufacturing. It insists on original design and independent research and development of movement. The company has unique insights into watchmaking technology and is committed to creating a brand of mechanical timepieces that meet the tastes of young people. The product team runs through the entire line from design and drawing, plate making, accessory production, manual assembly, and testing, to give new design vitality to mechanical watches, and to develop more high-quality Chinese movements.

A brand with a fun soul

Agelocer is not only an expert in mechanical watches, but also a mechanical player. In Agelocer’s world, a group of interesting souls have assembled, who are focused and obsessed with the complex aesthetics of machinery. They came because of love, no restrictions and no compromise in their mechanical world, just because they wanted to change the conventional concept of watches and create a mechanical watch that belongs to young people.

Agelocer is committed to expressing the exploration of the world with machinery, infusing a playful design soul into every watch, to show the brave spirit of the “mechanical player”, and to interpret traditional watches with new designs, new quality, and new concepts. Because, each of Agelocer’s mechanical watches represents a spirit of exploring the world and has its own unique design concept. Different new concepts and spiritual pursuits can be seen in Agelocer’s mechanical watches, and the fun soul has always implemented them. Because, each of Agelocer’s mechanical watches represents a spirit of exploring the world and has its own unique design concept. People can see different concepts and spiritual pursuits in Agelocer’s mechanical watches, as well as its interesting soul.

A brand that really loves machinery

Since the establishment of the brand, Agelocer has always adhered to original design and independent research and development of the movement, and has the ability to control complex mechanical technology. Continuous investment in technology research and development, from xdesign to production are strictly controlled, and its products must go through at least 10,000 hours of research and development. Agelocer is committed to creating a new era of quality movement in China. 

Agelocer’s love for machinery is obsessive and focused. They always believe that to achieve outstanding works, every detail must be considered. It can be noted that Agelocer’s design works show watch details from the inside out. The movement is composed of hundreds of hand-finished parts, and the ultimate pursuit of exquisite quality goes deep into each part.

The power reserve of the new generation Agelocer movement can reach 80 hours. Based on this technology, more different styles of movement have been developed, and pioneering and original movements have been continuously created. Agelocer watches combine their love of complex mechanical technology, the pursuit of exquisite quality, and the expression of design concepts.

A daring, eclectic brand

Agelocer believes that watches can be used in many other shapes. They have been accepting new challenges and always adhere to a principle: never compromise, no restrictions. While admiring tradition, it is unconstrained, constantly transcending technical boundaries, and demonstrating the pursuit of excellence in watchmaking.

3D multi-level dial

The Agelocer Big Bang series abandons the flat and single design of traditional watches, and uses rigorous technology to achieve a 3D multi-level mechanical dial, presenting Knowledge in a small space. Agelocer strictly controls the thickness, height and pointer length of each layer of the dial, and reserves appropriate space to achieve an ultra-thin space of 2.4mm thickness that contains 4 layers of hollow dials and interspersed hands. This design has won the World Design Award three times and is a representative work of Chinese design that has won international recognition. (2020 London Design Awards, 2021Berlin Design Awards, 2021A’ DESIGN AWARD, and 2021A’ DESIGN AWARD).

Fully transparent sapphire case

The sapphire tourbillon is another design masterpiece of the Agelocer designer. The dial and the caseback are exquisitely polished and cut by hand from a whole piece of sapphire crystal, crystal clear with anti-glare treatment. Sapphire crystal is known for its hardness, with a Mohs hardness of 9, second only to diamond. Because of the hardness of sapphire crystal, the processing difficulty and loss rate of sapphire crystal are also extremely high, so sapphire crystal is rarely used to make watch cases in the watch industry because of its high cost. The sapphire case is transparent, and the dial and movement are clearly visible, which perfectly demonstrates the clear mechanical aesthetics and makes people fall in love with it at a glance.

A new expression of traditional functions

The Agelocer Moon Phase watch breaks through the shackles of the small window mode of the traditional moon phase watch, and enlarges the window of the moon phase disc to the entire dial. A 3D engraved silver moon will over time, on the dark blue dial, use mechanical logic to present a cosmic romantic timepiece. In order to prevent the moon phase dial from sliding when worn, the designer reset the anti-reverse structure to prevent it from rotating due to the huge inertia caused by the expansion of the moon phase dial. The astronomer series watch won the silver award of the 2020 London Design Award, the silver award of the Berlin Design Award in 2021 and the silver award of the 2021 Italian A’ Design Award. It is one of the masterpieces of Agelocer’s combination of technology and art.

A brand that has always maintained surprise and evolution

Always surprised—Agelocer redefines the design concept of mechanical watches. The brand always implements the “Always surprised” design concept into every product, and the spirit expression of its theme and design concept can be seen in each watch series. Agelocer hopes to create amazing mechanical watches with innovative spirit and extraordinary quality, based on the professionalism and love of mechanical watches. Agelocer integrates rationality, beauty and creativity into every watch, making mechanical timepieces not only a tool for telling time, but also expressing the desire to explore the world in different mechanical forms. For Agelocer, innovation never ends.

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