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An Addition to Club 27


By Divya Sharma

2013 saw another addition to the “27 club” with Guitarist (for Yellow Dogs) Soroush “ Looloosh” Farazmand joining in on November 11 at the age of 27 years and 11 days.

The 27 club is a notional group of popular musicians who died at the age of 27, often at the peak of their careers, and often as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. Nearly 45 musicians have been identified as being in the 27 club, including big- shot names like Nirvana band leader Kurt Cobain (who is claimed to have intentionally timed his death at the age of 27 so that he could be a part of 27 club), Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse (who is claimed to have expressed her fear of dying at 27, three years before her death).

Here is a list of the various astounding 27 club additions, highlighting the main causes:

  • Richey Edwards, lyricist and guitarist for Manic Street Preachers  disappeared at the age of 27 years and 41 days in 1995. He was officially presumed dead in the year 2008. No body has however been found. His biography is actually an interesting one!
  • There were a number of 27 club members who died as a result of car accidents like Jesse Belvin (R&B singer, pianist and songwriter), Cecilia (singer), Chris Bell (singer-songwriter and guitarist for Big Star), Jacob Miller (lead singer for Inner Circle), D.Boon (Guitarist-lead singer for Minutemen) , Rodrigo Bueno (Cuarteto singer) and other accidents like plane crash.
  • Most common reason among the 27 club is cited to be drug overdose. The great musicians who joined in as a result of it include Rudy Lewis (vocalist of The Drifters), Dickie Pride (Rock and roll singer), Gary Thain (former bassist of Uriah Heep and the Keef Hartley band) and many others.
  • There are many suicide cases as well including Kurt Cobain (from Nirwana), Alexander Bashlachev (poet, rock musician and songwriter), Pete Ham (leader of Badfinger) and others.
  • Many of the musicians have been murdered as well including the recent addition to the club (Soroush “ Looloosh” Farazmand), Arlester “Dyke” Christian (from Dyke of the Blazers), Mia Zapata (lead singer of the Gits), Fat Pat (Rapper and Member of Screwed Up click), Freaky Tah ( from Lost Boyz) and Valentin Elizalde (Mexican Banda Singer).




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