Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat excels as an celebrity skin coach, certified skin and hair care expert and an advocate of organic products.

The health, beauty, and personal care niche over the last couple of decades have grown by double digits across the globe. With the customers now wishing to mend their ways and eyes towards ayurveda, organic products, and naturally made home made products, it has become an mandate and imperative for many entrepreneurs and brands to refocus their time and attention towards making stellar organic and natural products which can be more beneficial to customers than the current products available in the market. With growing needs and demands coming from emerging and established markets, many new brands and products have now surfaced up giving the customers an flurry of choices to look more beautiful, charming, and fresh. Be it be beauty care, skin care, hair solutions, acne products and other healthcare related beauty products, the customer has always a huge array of product line to choose from. But to be a class apart from the crowd and the competition and to provide world class quality of skin care products made from home grown ingredients takes some challenge. We met one such passionate and driven women entrepreneur named Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat who has taken giant strides skin and hair care niche and established her brand, “Skin Studio”.

Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat was highly inclined towards the beauty and personal care segment since a long time. Being a mother and wife, it was always a huge challenge for her to start her entrepreneurial journey but without thinking twice, she embarked upon her special entrepreneurial journey and since then there has been no looking back for her. She learned the tips and tricks of the trade industry and finally setting up the brand “Skin Studio”. Managing work life balance, content with her professional work but striving hard to make her company attain global recognition, Bhuvneshwari has turned every stone to success. Today Bhuvneshwari has been a celebrated skin coach and her brand Skin Studio has been one big hub and house catering a wide range of organic and naturally grown products couple with home grown ingredients which have been a blessing for millions of customers not only in India but also around the world. Being in the niche segment of customizing their products as per the skin type and age of people and the seasons, Skin Studio has leaped ahead in time making them one of the most seek and sought-after brands. 

Years of hard work and dedication has awarded Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat many accolades and plaudits. She has won Women’s Achiever’s Award 2021, The Real Super Woman Award 2021, The Indian Diva Award, Women Leadership Award 2022, Udaipur Glam Awards 2022, and so many others. We hope Bhuvneshwari to rise higher in the business arena and also take n Skin Studio to scale greater heights of success.

For more information, do visit and follow her on Instagram @skinstudiobybhuvneshwari. 



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