His videos help followers learn various editing tricks that can assist them in creating great content.

Every content creator has a phase when they take a chance to be active on social media. Their life is proof that quitting their day job for your passion may look like a challenging career choice, but things would only fall in place with good determination and hard work. A Maharashtra-based Sachin Pandit has paved his success journey with his popular YouTube channel. He was born and brought up in Beed, Maharashtra. Sachin Pandit is a self-learner and started his YouTube journey in 2017. 

Sachin Pandit is an Indian Tech, Comedy YouTuber, and Singer. Sachin is a musician and has been creating LoFi music on his channel. He has transformed trending songs into LoFi music with a calming effect, for which he has gained immense recognition for his work. It gives a different vibe to the audience and takes them to another world with its creative, soulful music. Sachin got an opportunity to show his talent and his passion for VFX and video editing. He understands the issues that young content creators face, and his YouTube channel focuses on providing them with detailed knowledge of editing for new-age mediums. In addition to creating regular content for his followers and subscribers on YouTube, he also offers one-on-one training for people eager to learn the art of editing and create excellent content from the comfort of their homes. He firmly believes that good content needs effort and can be achieved with little guidance. He is the first YouTuber in Georai with 100,000 subscribers.

Sachin wants to teach his audience about editing and wants to make content to see a smile on his audience’s faces. He has over 302K followers and reflects Sachin’s hard work over the years. Follow him on Instagram at @sachinpandit69.


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