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Acche Din? Not so much.











Are the “acche din” really here? (No, this article is definitely not about how good/bad the Modi Government is doing. although that is an interesting topic to discuss about anything concrete can be said about the successes and failures of the Modi government only after sometime has passed)

However, what I mean by acche din is probably reading about something good that has happened in the country or even abroad which does not seem to be the case right now.

Everyday some thing or the other is happening. Starting from rapes, to road accidents, to smuggling of illegal gold,to  terrorist attack. Name a problem and we locate it somewhere in any part of the world, if not necessarily India.

Most baffling are the increasing number of rape cases in the country. Every day we easily hear about at least one reported rape case in some part of the country, so its not hard to imagine how high the number of rape cases would be if we add the unreported ones !! The question is, what is happening people? I mean is the solution only to feel bad about the victims and leave it at that?  Obviously we, as common people cannot do anything much to stop the rapes from happening but we can at least continue our fight against such brutality. Although Mr. Modi has mentioned the plight of women in his parliamentary speeches and has lashed out at politicians for giving outrageous explanations for rape but it may be a long while until a plausible solution is worked out and the rapists are truly punished for their deeds.


Recently, another problem, particularly hitting the people of Delhi, is that of power cuts in this scorching heat. The mismanagement and the lack of infrastructure has caused tremendous trouble to most of the Delhiites. Now as expected, the political parties concerned are doing what it can the best : blame each other.


So saying that the good days (acche din) are really here is not convincing enough. At least not to me. Hopefully with due course of time, things will start to get better. What remains to be seen is whether or not India will embark on its path to a better country.  Perhaps, with the efforts of the Government to increase economic growth and rid India of corruption, better policies and laws against sexual assault will be introduced, the infrastructure of the nation will be improved and the accidents and mishaps that happen so often will be curbed. Until then, I would request my readers to give all these issues some thought. If what is said is done only then we can truly and happily say “Hurray, acche din aa gaye!!



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