Staying in a good accommodation in North Campus is of vital importance. It’s the first time for most of the kids who come over from other states to study in DU.

Before going on to the concerned factors on how to select a PG, let me just remind you of how lucky you are to be studying in North Campus.

Life at North Campus is genuinely amazing and I’m not over exaggerating one bit here. To switch to a place when one hasn’t left home ever is difficult but quickly and steadily, there isn’t an iota of doubt that you’ll settle soon and be in for some crazy fun.

Now, let us look at the factors which one should keep in mind before selecting his/her accommodation in North Campus/DU-

The distance between the college and the concerned accommodation 

It’s highly advisable to find a settlement as close as possible to the concerned college itself.

Initially, it may look obvious to go to college every day but it won’t remain the same after some months. I have noticed my friends staying a bit far away from college and visiting college rarely. So, it’s better if you look for a place nearest to the college.

The above point may seem redundant for now but I bet you, it’s super important.

Quality of Food

In the quest to find a PG with the lowest rent, people often overlook the quality of food that is being offered. This is something that comes to bite the student quite soon.

You will spend most of your time outside PG with friends but it’s of prime importance that whenever you are in PG, the food offered is good. The food available in most of the boys PGs is horrible while for girls, it’s pretty okay.

It will burn a big hole in one’s pocket if the food isn’t good and I can confirm this with experience of my own condition itself. You can’t really blame anyone and it is you who needs to fill his/her tummy regularly.

Since most of the PGs have a fixed eating schedule, do check out the breakfast and dinner timing, taste them for a week or so and then confirm the PG.

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 Curfew timings 

It is up to one’s discretion as to what time one wants to stay outside the PG without any restriction.

Usually, there is no curfew time as far as the PGs of boys is concerned. One is allowed to come back whenever one wishes to. Late night or early morning.

On the flip side, there is a strictly followed curfew time in most of the pGs for girls.

The curfew time usually varies from 7-10 pm. Now, it’s up to the concerned individual what she should decide for herself. A PG with no curfew timings or with one.

Do check this out before joining yours.

Choosing a Flat Over PG

There is not an iota of doubt over the fact that a flat is much more pocket-friendly than staying in a PG.

If one has a good group of friends of 4-6 people, then it’s always preferable to stay in a flat. There are obviously no rules and restrictions, one can have a free hand in making whatever dish one wants to eat and many more benefits.

My personal take on it would be to stay in a PG for the first year in college and then switch over to a flat in the subsequent years with your group of friends.

And, not to forget that if you have managed to get admission to the concerned college’s hostel, never leave it. Just don’t. That’s probably the best place to have good food, make great friends and memories for life.

I cannot harp more on the fact that one’s college life in North campus is beautiful.

Many a time, we showcase a more sophisticated side of ours in college but in PGs, we are raw. Out there, the interaction one will have with the seniors is of utmost importance and there are so many things to learn and ever newer things to try.

Find a good PG accommodation and have fun.

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