An 84-year-old man from Bihar’s Madhepura district, Brahmadeo Mandal, claimed that he got 11 shots of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Bruh Moments

Coming from Orai village in Udakishanganj sub-division of Madhepura, this guy had almost a dozen shots and went on record saying that each shot made him better. He got his first shot in February 2021 and then followed it with shots in March, April, May, and June onwards.

I have used my Aadhaar card and my voter ID card on different occasions to get myself registered,” said Mandal, who is a retired postal department employee. “Every single dose has helped relieve my chronic back pain. I have never caught a cold since I took the first shot 11 months ago,” he continued.

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One Shot, Two Shot

When contacted, the civil surgeon of Madhepura Dr. Amrendra Pratap Shahi said, “I have already ordered an inquiry to find out the truth. The probe will find out how the man in question managed to get so many shots of COVID vaccines.

Main man, Brahmadeo Mandal, the serial vaccination receiver…

Mandal also claimed that he submitted his Aadhar card and mobile phone number for COVID vaccines eight times and the voter card and his wife’s mobile number three times. That being said, Mandal is not in possession of any system-generated vaccination certificate for these 11 odd shots that he took. 

The fun part is that there were no adverse side effects of the vaccine shots. In a country where most people above 18 years of age have been given just 2 shots, where the healthcare workers and frontline doctors are just having their third booster dose rolled out, this man has indeed raised some eyebrows. 

Questions, Your Honour

If an 84-year-old man can skirt the system and have 11 shots of vaccine, there are several questions that may pop into the minds of an average citizen, the primary one being, is our healthcare so easy to circumnavigate? 

It is all a number’s game, and we are the numbers…

With official records that are manipulated by governments, with the true numbers being hidden, is this the way that all of these wrongdoings are cast out of the shadows? When I ask these questions, yes, they are pertinent to India, but it rings true throughout the world. 

Has COVID become yet another Moneyball pit for various organizations to profit off of, all the while crippling the poor, the subjugated, and the needy? Where does one draw the line between lying to keep the public safe and lying to keep the public ignorant?

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Source: India Times, The New Indian Express, Firstpost

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