Watch: 5 Places In India That Are Banned To Tourists

In recent times the various different variants of the COVID-19 virus have taken over and the world has been pushed back into complete lockdowns once again. All the parties and vacations of the last year have come to an abrupt end as Omicron leaves no stone unturned.

All the Goa and Shimla trips that had been planned in intricate detail have been put on hold with the hope that one day they will be reality. Our country is a beautiful land with scenic locations of every kind, be it deserts, seasides, islands, or mountains.

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However, some places in India definitely exist which are mesmerizing and picturesque yet the normal public is not allowed to visit them. Let us take a look at a couple such places.

Due to various reasons these places have been banned to tourists and the only way we can absorb their beauty is through google images. However, it is important to note the reasons as to why they have been closed off to the general public and remember to respect those reasons.

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