What’s your reason to travel? Is it the awe-inspiring beauty of the landscape, the country’s rich culture, and history or by the virtue of trying adventure sports. Well, the truth is different then you can expect.

While everyone has their own reasons to travel, a recent study has pointed out that 67% of Indians mainly travel for food tourism.

This means that Indians pick their travel destinations in accordance to the mouth-watering cuisines that the place has to offer as per Booking.com, a leading travel site.

The research identifies some of the top destinations in India to experience local cuisines and delicacies with Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Kochi emerging as much sought after food destinations.

Further, the research claims that about 49% of Indians are planning to take a food tourism trip in 2018. Are you one of them?

So, here we are with a list of Indian cities and the delicacies that they serve which might just help you plan your next holiday:

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Unity in diversity is the motto of India, and Indian cuisine is the perfect example of that! 

Images: Google Images

Sources: Economic Times, HolidifyTripoto

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