We all have that person in our feeds who is a compulsive poster on social media, ‘The Over-Sharer’. It might be someone close to you or your colleague or it can be yourself.

For someone who gets off on showing off to the world, it is the perfect time to be alive.

Vanity is not something new. The difference is that now we get an actual number of how many people see our life online.

In the quest of views, people tend to over post on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and every other social media platform. It is understandable, you want to share what is happening in your life with everyone, but there is a thing called restraint.

Boomerangs And Filters:

Instagram and Snapchat is the main platform of the over-sharer. People post stories like there is no tomorrow.

The winker, the head swayer, the workout sharer, the filter abuser, and many other irritating personas exist in your feeds.

I envy the confidence of these people who can post something so stupid and don’t even think twice. At the same time, I am glad that no one knows how I might look if I grew dog ears and have a huge tongue.

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What You Post Is Not You:

The person you see on your profile is the glorified, edited version of you. That person is better than you but it is not you. If you think about your actual life in terms of social media, it will change your perception of what your life truly is, a struggle.

There is nothing wrong about being proud of yourself but there is something wrong if you need everyone’s approval for it.

It isn’t wrong to have a beautiful picture of yourself posted on the internet either. However, there is something severely wrong about posting it every single day.

The more you post the more you lose essence and eventually, it just looks like an obsession with yourself.

Breakups Are The Worst:

All hell breaks loose when an over-sharer goes through a change in his life especially if the change is losing their better half. They will first remove their profile picture. Then after a few days, they start uploading sad quotes. After a few days, it becomes motivational messages.

You want the world to know what you are feeling but you never want to talk about it, just express it.

If you want to deal with an emotion you have to talk about it. We can have a one on one about anything but if you upload something on the internet, no matter how good a friend you were once I am not even going to acknowledge, let alone reply.

All Those Who Remain, Are Those Online:

In the end, the over-sharers eventually get ignored. First, it’s swiping past their stories and eventually unfollowing them. It doesn’t matter before because you get the same views and the same replies until you are going through something big.

That’s when you will realise that everyone will see it as just another thing you post and completely ignore what it actually is and leave you forlorn.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Psychology Today, Tech Addiction, Marie Claire + more

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