The landscape of relationships in India is ever-changing and for the past few years, it has been hurtling towards a bigger change than the so-called polite society has ever seen.

The COVID pandemic certainly led to a lot of people getting married in a rush but equally, it also had people realising that there are bigger things in life than just getting married for the sake of it and that societal pressure is not one reason to do so.

A recent study by the online dating app Bumble further gives insight into the mindset of Indian women and how they are viewing relationships in today’s time.

What Does This Study Reveal?

Bumble, an online dating app recently conducted a study with Indian daters and found that around 2 in 5 or 39% of them feel pressure from their families to make traditional matches, especially around the Indian wedding season.

Not just this but 33% of the unmarried ones said that they feel pressure from their surroundings to get into a committed, long-term relationship around the Indian wedding season.

The concept of single shaming was also raised where people said that they felt conscious and judged for being single and invasive questions being raised to them about their dating life.

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Indian women single

The study also found that Indian women in particular are nowadays choosing to remain single and not rush into a relationship due to societal demands. The study found that around 81% of women from around the country felt “more at ease being unmarried and living alone.”

Also even when dating someone, around 63% of them said they won’t instantly give into their partner’s preferences and remain true to themselves. The survey also revealed that 83% of the women were more than happy to wait until they found the right person.

Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director, Bumble spoke about this pressure that women feel and the concept of single shaming saying “The shaadi (wedding) season in India often brings experiences of single-shaming with questions and judgement about our dating lives.

Often, the identity of a single woman is synonymous with being unmarried. This single-shaming also means that single women are anxious about attending wedding functions or family events in anticipation of people telling them that they are not trying hard enough, or trying to set them up in the traditional way.

Attending a loved one’s wedding instead of celebrating then often becomes a source of anxiety, when it shouldn’t be!” 

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