By Falguni. A. Panchamatia

We are the YOLO generation. Millennials who are always on the go. Simultaneously trying to break moulds as well as labelling and trying to fit into categories. We are also known as the fast generation since we do not dwell on the past instead choose to make our future even better.

People address us as the showstoppers, the path-breakers, yet at times stress takes charge and throws us off the board. All the expectations and eyes that are trained on the millennial generation to do create something more unique and different, to break some other stereotype and more can get taxing on us.

So to keep yourself on track, let me point out some stress-busting habits only for you.

Paint Away a Masterpiece

When was the last time you held colors in your hand? Oh please don’t say Holi! It’s already done and over with. Grab the acrylics and canvas to dab your way to relaxation. Painting is by far easiest to adopt. Buy some time off from your busy schedules and nerve-wrenching deadlines, and make the perfect art piece.

Zumba It Up

Gone are the times when fitness came in the boring form. Break it up with the gym to Jazz up your routine with this fitness-dance form where one Zumba session burns 800 calories. A cool move and a bootie shake is not only a stress reliever but will keep you high on feet. This will be a pastime you’ll never regret.

Be your own Master Chef

Will it be Master Chef Australia or India? Darren Purchese or Vikas Khanna? Finding some time to cook it up is absolute bliss. Bake or cook, choose your style and feed the tummy a bit. Throw out those stigma’s around cooking, boiling it down to a chore.

The mingling of ingredients on a plate never fails to shoo off the stress. For some, it could be the methodical act of following the recipe that allows them to relax, for others it could be unleashing that spark of creativity that their daily job does not allow.

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Give those tiny fingers some moves

I bet all of us have seen slime videos on Instagram, slime or no slime, CLAY comes to your rescue. The colourful dough or even normal clay we played as a kid can once again help us relax even in adulthood.

Molding and shaping clay into a sculpture would restore your energy for the week. This hobby will give your imagination a new look.

Stress Busting

Give that brain a break

The fast-paced life that refuses to entertain any thought of slowing down or relaxing can result in us burning out sooner than we would like. In such a time dare yourself an hour of steadiness. Fold your legs and sit up straight. Adopt a Baba Ramdev pose.

It might sound cheesy, but it’s not as cheesy in practice. A daily dose of meditation can work wonders for your body, skin, and mind.

Stress is the common cause of almost all worldly troubles for the youth. Our high aims and standards that we set for ourselves take a toll quite often. Instead, why not add some leisure to our lives and perk it up with these habits.

Image Credits: Google Images, siraanamwong

Sources: Wikipedia, Psychology Today

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