These famed and often quoted words by Thomas Jefferson hit me like lightning every time I read them:

“Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.”

There is absolutely nobody in this world who’s had a linear graph for life, with all ups and a negligible number of hardships. Everybody has had their lows and highs, just that their intensity and frequency may differ from person to person.

But how we perceive them and what we make of them depends totally upon us.

Nothing or no-one has the ability to crush your spirit until you allow it/them to. Though the waters may seem deep and never-ending, whether you choose to swim ashore or choose to stay where you depends totally on you.

You can make the choice for yourself – sink or swim.

And once you choose to make a choice and not be driven by the current, the next thing to know is how to brace yourself and how to get through.

Here are some simple steps for you to begin:

WHY You Want To Do It:

It’s not just enough to set a goal. You need to work towards achieving it steadfastly. But the question is, WHY should you even do it?

When you get an answer to it, you will no longer need any external motivation to reach that goal. WHY do you want to wake up early? WHY do you want to get in shape? WHY do you wish to achieve that?

Once you know why exactly you want to do it, the path till there becomes more meaningful and easier.

Bridging The Action-Intention Gap:

We all set big goals but seldom get to them. The reason behind it isn’t low dedication or motivation from our side, but just an unclear map towards it.

In order to achieve bigger goals, you need to properly map out the way till there. This means setting and completing simple goals.

Just deciding that you want to learn a language isn’t enough. Start somewhere. Buy the books. Watch videos on it. Enroll for a course. Revise daily.

The same goes for every other goal. Every small progress will get you closer to achieving the ultimate destination.

Set A Routine:            

Though this sounds like an outdated thing to do, it really works wonders. Once you have a planner at hand and you know what to do at what time and do things accordingly, there is hardly anything you will miss out on doing.

Missing a jog today or oversleeping for a few hours may not seem that consequential. But it becomes a habit eventually and things go haywire.

Have a planned routine, of what to do and when to do. Stay true to it. Things become more organized and you feel accomplished every day of the week.

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Organize Your Desk:

Something that I do daily without fail is organizing my desk. This sounds simple and a little stupid but works quite cathartically for me.

Organizing your desk or even your bed makes you feel happier. Seeing more available space and things in place is indeed an uplifting feeling. Whereas having things haphazardly scattered resonates with your mind and at times contributes to your already low mood.

Positivity Is The Key:

Always begin your morning on a positive note. Read a few pages from a good book, or some quotes from a motivational page on Instagram or anything that brightens your mood. A day that begins well in all probability goes well.

Unfollow the heart-break quotes pages on your social media. Stop uploading posts that spread gloom.

Follow not just motivation pages, but self-love and mental health ones too, as they are equally important.

And, when faced with a problem, try to look at it from another perspective. Can there be a hidden good in it?

These strategies won’t work miracles overnight, but try sticking to them for some time and testify the wondrous changes yourself!

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