This year has been a difficult one, let us put it that way! We have lost many legends and luminaries. As this year is about to close, we witnessed the saddening demise of another inspirational figurehead of this country.

Mahashay Dharampal Gulati, the nonagenarian owner of the masala brand MDH, passed away on the 3rd of December, at the age of 97. Popularly known as the ‘King Of Spices’, his career spanned for more than 50 illustrious years. 

Today, no Indian is unfamiliar with the moustached, spectacled figure in a red turban, white sherwani, and a pearl necklace. In fact, he had become the face of lal deggi mirch and many other Indian spices like that.

He had various accolades, awards, positions, charities and honours to his name, and above all, the immortal face of MDH.

When asked why he does not cast a megastar as the brand ambassador of his product, he said if he is the man behind the curtain, why should he depend on someone else for the success of his brand. 

The familiar face on all MDH products

And this is what made him and his brand so extraordinary. Although we are all disheartened by his death, let us try to remember him through the best of him, i.e., ads celebrating Mahashay Dharampal Gulati and his contribution to the company.

MDH’s First Advertisement 

When the Indian audience was still adjusting to the arrival of the idiot box, MDH launched its first ad. This ad aired in the year 1984 on TV.

Although the ad featured Neena Gupta and Shafi Inamdar, Dharampal did not hesitate to enter the frame. Therefore, it showed Neena Gupta and Shafi Inamdar welcoming him to a wedding. 

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MDH’s Advertisements And Weddings

Most of the ads of this brand are centred around a wedding. It is the ad that popularized the saying ‘Asli masale sach sach, MDH, MDH’. The scene starts with a bride and groom taking their pheras around the pious fire when they smell something.

It is nothing but MDH masala. The aroma is so strong that they leave the wedding and run in the direction of the buffet. The scene ends with Dharampal Gulati blessing the couple. 


MDH Deggi Mirch 

The ad is specifically focused on its red chilli powder. It is about two warriors engaged in sword fighting with a bunch of people gathered as an audience.

The one who wins seems to have his source of vigour from the MDH deggi mirch. Don’t you remember its famous tagline ‘Deggi mirch ka tadka, ang ang bhadka’.

Yahi Toh Hain Asli India

This ad is unique from the rest as it seems to celebrate India’s motto of ‘unity in diversity’. It shows people from different regions and backgrounds wearing that famous red turban and celebrating the special moments of their lives with MDH.

Celebrating The 100th Anniversary Of MDH

It is the most recent series of advertisements and unfortunately the last ones with Dharampal Gulati. It reminds us of MDH’s 100 years of journey and why it is the king of all other spices.

Well, maybe we won’t get to see that friendly face on TV anymore, but the memories are too strong to be forgotten as he left with a strong mark in all of our hearts. 

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Sources: Hindustan Times, Moneycontrol, The Indian Express

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