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IET-VIT, Vellore’s Hack Off v3.0 Is Going Digital With Impressive Perks Like Internships And Prizes Worth Rs. 5 Lac



Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been programming since an early age, hackathons are a great place to learn new skills, build your network, find jobs, and have fun!

Hackathons are indeed the fastest way to learn something and build projects, which can definitely spark up one’s resume. And the Hack Off team has been hard at work to make sure that they create a memorable and fun virtual experience for everyone, whether one is an experienced hacker or a first-timer!

So what exactly is Hack Off?

Hack Off is a 48-hour long student-led hackathon organised by IET-VIT, Vellore. The event will be organized virtually on 12-13 December 2020. It is a global hackathon in collaboration with Major League Hacking.

The world is going digital, so are we therefore the entire event will be digital, and students or anyone from around the world can participate from the comfort of their homes.

In this digital world, code is the dominant language, and communities are built around it, making countless revolutions and breaking barriers.

Everything in this world is coded, and cracking this code is a delight in disguise. When you believed everything has come to an end, the team at IET-VIT, Vellore brings you the inception, that’s right Hack Off v3.0.

Hack Off v3.0 is a free event with a boatload of perks. The participants will be a part of an enormous amount of informative workshops, games, movie streamings and speaker sessions by amazing sponsors, with prizes worth 5 Lakhs INR.

Each participant will have something in the bucket. They will also be shipping free goodies to everyone at their very doorstep.

The team at HackOff v3.0 focus on the goodwill of the participants therefore they will make sure each participant learns something and builds a project at the end of the hackathon, which can boost their resume.

Their sponsors will also be giving internship opportunities for the best teams who solve their respective problem statements. And the participants will be mentored by coaches from MLH and industry professionals from around the globe.

We don’t want you to miss this opportunity therefore the HackOff team invites all the young minds to come together to put up the most magnificent show the digital realm has ever seen.

ED is proud to be their blog partner.

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