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IRIS Ranbhoomi’20 Central India’s Largest Collegiate Esports Fest Is Going Full Online Mode



There’s a weird virus threatening us all to sit at home and attend classes all day, leading to our backs aching like we’re grandparents already. Gone are the days when we went wild with a ball between us, be it in the form of cricket, tennis, volleyball or football.

Gone are the mind-wracking minutes of those chess and carrom board games. Gone are the days…. Ah! Who asked for this sad nostalgic trip right now?

The gaming industry saw a 100 to 200% spike in its user base due to COVID-19 this year. This indeed comes as no surprise. Our fingers have become the players now. From video games to our good old board games adapting to a new normal, the world has indeed shrunken to a screen.

We all have spent these days lying on our beds, eyes glued to screens, minds racing in the periphery of the universe, wishing, what if we could flaunt these gaming skills somewhere? There’s a satisfaction in winning a game against some unknown username sitting seven seas away, but no one recognizes this struggle?

Well, these kids from IIM Indore do. Who else could bring a complete E-Sports based fest completely online, sitting at home?

IIM Indore’s IRIS-Ranbhoomi has been Central India’s Largest Annual Sports fest which had every sport you could think of under its belt. It has now diversified to 25+ events in the online setting!

Valorant? Free Fire? FIFA? Chess? You name it, they have got it! Not to mention the return of entertaining informal events like Treasure Hunt, Sports Quiz and a Mini-Marathon as well.

To be conducted in a completely online mode, the registrations for the same have already begun and participants are pouring in from all over the country to become a part of the legacy of IIM Indore, one of India’s largest B-Schools.

The fest is going to be spread over 3 days, from 4th-6th December. The fun doesn’t stop yet.

After you have spent the day in exciting gaming, in addition to open mic night and speaker series, there’s an enjoyable comedy night up for everybody too! Laugh your guts out listening to some of the top comedians and speakers from across the country.

So then, what are you waiting for? The previous editions have seen a footfall of over 20,000 and teeth-chattering excitement. And in no case, is Planet-I planning to give you an experience any less fun. So grab those snacks and get gaming.

To register today, check out the following link:

For the entire list of events and registration process, visit Ranbhoomi’s official Instagram handle:

ED is proud to be their blog partner.

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