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Brace Yourselves As McDonald’s Introduces The New Masala Dosa Burger In Its Breakfast Menu 


McDonald’s wouldn’t have had such a substantial success in India like they do now if they hadn’t decided to launch a variety of vegetarian dishes on its menu. Unlike most of the McD’s of the world, Indian McDonald’s are the only one that caters to the tastes of the vegetarian. Working on those lines, McD’s has now decided to launch a Masala Dosa Burger in its Indian breakfast menu and the internet is going berserk.

Idea of launching a staple from south Indian cuisine

Masala Dosa is considered a staple of the south Indian cuisine and its inclusion in the breakfast menu is a direct example of the company’s ever followed policy of consistent localisation.

The man behind the launch of McDonald’s restaurants in India, Amit Jatia explained the inspiration behind the idea as, “We continue to look for inspiration from the Indian cuisine and bring it as a McDonald’s format which will give you flavours from the west but a familiarity of the Indian.”

Amit’s decision to include vegetarian meals on McD’s menu is the reason for the success of the food giant in India.

The format in which Masala Dosa would be served

It’s pretty obvious they won’t exactly be serving a Masala Dosa in McDonald’s but it would be some kind of a derivative of it. Some sort of a freaky burger-masala dosa combination.

And that’s exactly how it would be. It would feature a masala dosa burger, served with molaga podi (gun powder) and masala scrambled eggs (anda bhurji). They burger would allegedly be priced around INR 30 and would most likely would be available in Mumbai, first.

The reaction towards McD’s newest venture

Honestly, the idea of mixing Masala Dosa’s taste with that of a burger makes me barf. And here are some other few people, like me who weren’t really thrilled with the idea of the new masala-dosa burger.



But since one man’s poison is another man’s cure, there are some people who welcome this new addition to McD’s breakfast menu and appreciate the food giant’s decision to get more localized and ‘Indian’.




Comment below to tell us how you feel about this fancy new change that McD’s is trying to implement in its breakfast menu.

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