Since 2014, after BJP came to power, the party has been struggling to bring out an effective impact with real results to their claim. The party policies mentioned in the election manifesto seems to be unfulfilling as of yet.

Despite this, it is to be acknowledged that the party has taken some major and bold decisions which certainly left an impact. The Indian political history is surely going to ripple through some of these decisions.

5Jan Dhan Yojna

The mission to accomplish financial inclusion by opening savings & deposit bank accounts, easier access to credit, insurance, and pension was launched in August 2014. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna resulted in the opening of more than 25 crore bank accounts with more than 380 Billion deposits. It also made it into the Guinness books of world records.

The program has been one of the major achievements of Modi Government. However, the lack of adequate banking services resulted in barely functioning accounts. The zero deposit accounts which were more than 5 crores in number were fined and even closed as the minimum balance to retain an account was made 1000/-.

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4Make In India

Make in India, a prime reason for Prime Minister’s foreign trips. The purpose of this initiative was to boost the manufacturing in the country by encouraging multinational and national companies to invest in the domestic production.

As a part of the initiative, 100% FDI investment was allowed. The aim was to make India a global manufacturing hub. However, the project has been declining in its favourability since. The investments received aren’t big enough to make a difference and the rise of populism has made a wave of skepticism for any investment.

3Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

It is a campaign to improve the sanitary and cleanliness conditions of India. On the last Independence Day Speech, Prime Minister Modi conceptualized the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. He and other famous celebrities participated by clicking pictures of themselves sweeping the streets. Even some organisations and associations supported the campaign by cleaning their surrounding environment themselves.

And that was the last time the campaign was seen to be in a successful light.

The primary aim was to eliminate open defecation and create an Open Defecation Free (ODF) India by October 2019. The limitation of the campaign lies in the implementation of it. There have been reports of lack of water supply in the newly built toilets in the rural areas.

About a cleaner India, the drive from the government and society does not seem to be enthusiastic, to say the least.


On November 8th, 2016 at 8 p.m. the Prime Minister shook the nation by announcing the devaluation of 500 and 1000 notes. It brought the attention of the world towards India. Suddenly, it was an example and an experiment. The citizens started suffering from long queues outside ATMs and banks.

After coming back from the Japan trip, the Prime Minister gave an emotional speech stating that the criticisms were from the people who are corrupt or those who are against him.

The economy still doesn’t seem to be recovering from the after effects of demonetization. The country awaits the claimed results of prosperity from the move.


Goods and Services Tax (portrayed as a Good and Simple Tax) system is one of the biggest achievements of the Modi Government. The GST bill was long due in the Parliament from the UPA regime. Though the BJP opposed the bill during the UPA regime, the bill is now passed with some amendments this year.

The beginning of GST was turbulent due to the unawareness of the effects of it in the market. The suspicion still continues but the storm is settled.

The criticisms have been upon the increased amount of taxes on various goods. It has also lowered the profit rates drastically for the producers and manufacturers.

The Modi government still struggles to perform through its actions. Other programmes like Digital India, Smart Cities etc. are nowhere seen to be achievable and successful as of yet. However, through some game changing moves, the Modi Government has left an influence on the politics of the country.

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