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10 Things Young India Wants From Its Government


There has been a growing dissent amongst the youth regarding the current govt. and while most are still hoping for ‘ache din’, but the problems keep piling on with little to no solution.

With Modi recently completing 3 years as Prime Minister in May of 2017, many people had expected things to have changed much more than they have.

Along with that, our 70th Independence Day just passed, and with almost three-quarter of a century done, the current generation had thought that things would be much different than they were before.

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However, there seems to be much confusion over what exactly the youth of India actually wants so here are 10 things that the young India wants from the government in today’s time:

1. Tighter legislation for incidents involving harassment:

Harassment is always neglected as being lesser to the actual crime and most often it is dismissed by the authorities who instead do victim blaming and especially in the case of girls who are told to stay inside and how women should not go out at night.

2. Introduction of civic services:

Isn’t it high time that India get services like AAA wherein people can contact just one helpline in case of any vehicular emergency.

Aside from that something like Child Services and such which are aided by the govt. and have the support of the authorities.

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3. Better implementation of rules:

It is high time that the authorities and officials make sure there is a better implementation of rules and laws in terms of hygiene, sanitation, safety, traffic and civic lifestyle.

4. Less religion, more governance:

The youth is definitely feeling as if the religious propaganda is increasing by the day while actual governance is decreasing.

The govt. needs to make sure that such religious groups have more regulation on them and their powers are restricted while proper governance of different issues affecting the country be done.

5. Regulation of the youth:

The youth of the country also feels as if the young generation itself is causing a lot of problems since they seem to want to enjoy all the perks and luxuries yet want to do little work on their own end.

Thus, regulation of the youth by creating programs and awareness initiatives that instill a better sense of civic duty in the current generation.

6. National Green Tribunal to be more effective, more strict:

Companies, government or private, start with their projects even when NGT is undergoing its investigations. And no one cares about the NGT itself. Along with that, forest department is heavily understaffed as a result of which illegal trade in the forests in India is widespread and can soon take the horrendous shape of the present state of illegal mining with mafia, politicians and all.

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7. Better staffing for various govt. departments:

Speaking of being understaffed, this is a problem that many young people of India have noticed. From being severely understaffed in Delhi University in the teacher department to as stated above the forest department also being short of staff and many other departments, the govt. needs to work on making sure there is enough staff for the various govt. departments.

8. Everything is not anti-national:

In recent times, there has been an excessive regulation of the social media of citizens and even the slightest bit of criticism against the current govt. is automatically taken as anti-national and sedation.

This is something that must change, and there needs to be an understanding that as citizens of this country, there is freedom of speech and not every slight should be taken in such a serious manner.

9. Education sector to improve:

This is another area where the young India wants improvement at and it is definitely high time that our education sector improves to show the growing standard of our youth.

This includes all the different levels of education including primary, secondary, senior and college. From adequate teaching staff to creating programs that promote not just engineering, mathematics and science instead also focuses on the arts and humanities sector.

10. Reversal of section 377:

This is definitely something that the youth of India wants to be done as soon as possible, and that is to reverse the section 377 which will decriminalize homosexuality.

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