Aadhaar leak news reports are a dime a dozen these days. Despite numerous assurances by the UIDAI, leaked documents keep popping up every other day.

In fact, a fresh security researcher pointed out the glaring issues in Aadhar’s security and posted about the same on Twitter.

There were also allegations that the CIA had access to the Aadhaar database. And then, of course, there was the big one where it was reported that you could get anyone’s details for a measly amount of Rs. 500. This was denied by the UIDAI and the journalist who reported it was even sued.

All in all, it is a deeply contentious issue, especially given the Supreme Court’s privacy judgment and the government’s continuous effort to make Aadhaar ubiquitous, while vehemently denying the obvious security flaws.

Let’s look at the biggest breaches of the Aadhaar database up until now.

Aadhaar Details Ke Liye #PayTM Karo

(The Tribune)

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Roughly The Population Of Japan

(India Today)

The Plight Of Pensioners pt 1

(Manorama online)

The Plight Of Pensioners pt 2

(Business Standard)

You Are Just Another Entry In A PDF File

(The Quint)These are just the ones that came to light, and even the fallout from one of these leaks is catastrophic. What is unfortunate is that the conversation around Aadhaar tends to deteriorate into jingoistic rhetoric rather than evolve into a discussion about the revamping of Indian security systems.

Aadhaar in its ideation is wonderful, but the implementation is highly problematic.

Sources: The Tribune, Business Standard, India Today, The Wire, MediaNama

Image Source: Google Images

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