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3 Easy Side Hustles For 2021


There’s no doubt that 2020 was quite the year for many people, especially financially. With a rough year like more people have started to notice the need for more sources of income. With the genuine risk of losing a job at any moment, picking up a side hustle is starting to become more of a necessity. While it might be hard to think of a side hustle to get started on right off the bat, we’ve got your covered. In this article, we’ll outline three unique ideas for side hustles that you can get started on to add as an additional stream of income.

Start a Throne Chair Rental Business

You may have seen pictures on social media of prople people are posing in ornate, stylish thrones, but did you know that the people renting out these chairs can be charging upwards of $200 to $300 for each rental? Renting out thrones for people to take pictures on is a really underrated and easy to manage side hustle that can make you a good amount of money with very little effort.

People will always have birthday parties, baby showers, and all kinds of other celebrations, so you’ll constantly have a group of clients to market your throne chair rental business. But you may be wondering “where do you even get a throne to rent out?” Well, your options are either to invest in a throne of your own or to find someone with existing inventory that you can rent from, usually for a much lower rate than you charge the client. To learn more about starting a throne chair rental business, check out this video that offers some strategies and solutions to getting started.

Start a Photo Booth Rental Business

Having a photo booth rental business is similar to owning a vending machine, except with way more applications and opportunities for cashflow and a much a higher paycheck. Many photo booth entrepreneurs are able to charge up to $900 or even $1200 per daily rental. Yes, daily!

With a photo booth rental business, your client base is almost everyone and you can do business pretty much anywhere that people are going to want to take photos. Weddings, for example, are one of the number one sources for photo booth rentals. These are very special, sentimental days for many people and what better way to remember them than with pictures from a unique photo booth?

In the United States, about 2.5 million weddings take place every year. With the restrictions on all sorts of gatherings due to the coronavirus for 2020, going into 2021 there’s going to be almost a doubling of events like weddings that were previously postponed. This increase in venues will definitely boost something like a photo booth rental business, making now the ideal time to capitalize on a side hustle like this. If you’re looking to learn more about starting up a photo booth rental business of your own, check out Photo Booth International for more information on how to purchase a photo booth to start your side hustle.

Sell Your Services on Fiverr

Do you have a skill that you can offer to people online? Maybe you’re a great writer or you have an eye for video editing. Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace that allows freelancers to list their services for clients to purchase. All you need to do to start is create your gigs (your service listings) to start attracting clients and start getting orders. Some of the most popular types of services available on Fiverr are logo and graphic design, creative writing, web design, and video and animation production. If you have a couple of skills try out creating a listing for each one of them to see if you can start to get orders and make a bit of extra money online via Fiverr.

Starting a side hustle is easier now than it’s ever been in history. With all of the available technology to work online and digital marketing to advertise your physical business, the opportunities are truly endless. Once you find the right side hustle for you and you can start to diversify your income, you’ll be able to achieve your financial goals more quickly and have the security involved in not relying on just one source of income.

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