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An Exclusive Interview with Leading e-Commerce Consultant Rick Contreras


Rick Contreras serves as the beacon light to many e-commerce sellers who are unsure of the way the global marketplace like Amazon functions. When kids played games, Rick started exploring the digital seller platform only to realize that there are so many out there who can benefit from his knowledge.

With an expansive marketplace for sellers from all parts of the globe, it is no surprise that just like customers looking to buy their exact needs, sellers too get equally confused about how to stand a chance among a sea of competent competitors. Several sellers still prefer to sell their products solely in the offline mode as they rely less on the global digital marketplace. They would rather market their products the way they have been doing before the dot com bubble with higher chances of converting leads to sales. Though such thoughts cannot be negated completely, it is true that without learning the right strategies and guidance, one might have to sweat brows to get noticed by potential customers who demand your products. In a candid conversation with leading e-commerce consultant, Rick Conteras throws light on his career helping businesses and entrepreneurs sell their products efficiently on the revolutionary e-commerce platform, Amazon.

Smart moves for Amazon sellers

Rick shed light on the importance of optimizing the products listed on Amazon so that they come up on top of the Amazon search results. This will not just increase the click-through-rate but will also garner higher revenue. It is believed that most users do not even scroll through several search results if they find the best ones on the first page. To achieve that rank, optimizing the product listing stands key.

It is a best practice to increase the number of positive feedbacks from customers who purchase your products. Product owners are advised to send emails to customers who have made transactions and seek a review. In the case of negative reviews, it works as one of the best strategies to improve product quality and/or service. Negative feedbacks are often treated as a part of market research that allows the owners to learn the demand of the customers and address them accordingly. In the case of positive reviews, the more such reviews, the higher are the chances of users buying those products since most users tend to read the reviews before opening their wallets.

Small and medium entrepreneurs can also effectively use paid advertisements to grab audience attention and use digital marketing strategies to learn if they like or dislike the products. Metrics such as page views, time spent on product pages, cart abandonment rates can help unfold focused strategies to learn about the target audience, and use retargeting methods to nudge them to make the purchase. If done effectively, it can successfully boost the return on investment (ROI) on ad spend and decrease the advertising cost of spending (ACoS).

Going a bit back in time when it all started suddenly

As a teenager, Rick started selling random things on Amazon and eBay to make a few extra dollars. It was in no time that he saw the potential of the platform and became obsessed with learning everything about the e-commerce world and the sweet science of converting clicks into sales. “As I became better at it, different companies would reach out to me to help them run their Amazon seller accounts. Now, I consult various clients to help them dominate on Amazon –and increase their profits, ” says Rick gloriously. Being an Amazon seller consultant has been the best choice in his life. It allows him to impact positively on small and medium sellers who struggle to sell their products online and gives Rick the freedom to travel the world while doing his work, with just a laptop and an internet connection by his side.

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