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‘Y Not You’ Media, the fastest growing social media marketing agency in New York


If you have a dream or aspiration that seems unrealistic, you might be tempted to put it on the back burner or give it up entirely. Consider asking yourself, “Y Not Me?” If athletes like Michael Jordan or actors like Laverne Cox can turn their dreams into a reality, why can’t you? That’s the premise of ‘Y Not You’ Media, who help their clients stand out in a crowded landscape and make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

‘Y Not You’ Media has been recognized as the first-ever Social Media Attention Agency, and they’ve gained attention from Forbes and other notable organizations. This New York-based agency was recently formed by Tony Pec, Francis Volpe, and Michael Capozzi. They’ve grown their team of 12 into a team of 16 in a small amount of time, and they’re still not done growing. The company has a unique approach to content marketing that makes its clients successful. “We aim to make our client’s message stand out,” said Francis Volpe. “We want any video, photo, or text post they make to be meaningful and recognizable.” Their team also stresses researching social media and what’s trending for better results. “It’s not enough to simply put up posts and hope they convert,” said Tony Pec. “We need to be confident that our clients can succeed, and that means being informed about every aspect of social media.” These factors have made ‘Y Not You’ Media the fastest growing social media marketing agency in New York. “Our team is rock solid, and we know how to get the work done,” said Michael Capozzi. “We can’t wait to keep expanding so we can help even more businesses and entrepreneurs succeed.”

One of the best ways that ‘Y Not You’ Media ensures client success is through a personalized and custom strategy. “Not every style of marketing will work with every client,” said Pec. “It’s important to work to determine what’s the best strategy for each business and go from there.” The company’s motto is ‘Create to separate’ – illustrating that they’re excited to help their clients get more attention and stand out. “If we’re doing the same old thing over and over, we can’t be trusted,” says Francis Volpe. “We need to keep innovating to build brand loyalty for our customers.”

If you’ve been considering starting the business of your dreams, ‘Y Not You’ Media knows that it’s possible to make a living doing what you love. With their help, they can ensure success quickly and abundantly.





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